Watersmithing at Moonwater Retreat

Watersmithing is a wood-panel scroll on a broken fish statue located at [66.0, 87.6] at Moonwater Retreat in southeast Jade Forest.

Interacting with the scroll is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement  [Fish Tales].



Unlike the fire and heat forges of the pandaren and mogu, the jinyu have mastered the art of water forging. They shape stone and metal by using the pressures and currents of water.

Originally they would scavange[sic] for polished stone and materials in the river. They developed an eye for the places that would provide the best quality baubles and rocks.

Over the ages they have learned to manipulate water through their magics to craft exceptional edifices of rock and stone that defy rivalry. Their weapons and armor are as hard as any forged steel, and their walls often appear to be constructed without seams.

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