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For lore object, see Waterspeakers.
Jinyu Waterspeaker HS.jpg
Affiliation Jinyu tribes
Favored by Jinyu Jinyu
Weapon types Staffs

Members of the jinyu race called waterspeakers have been known to stick their staffs in rivers and literally hear what the land is saying.


In the days before the Sundering, legend has it that all rivers flowed to Pandaria. Few were more aware of this than the clever jinyu. Over time the wisest of their people learned to commune with the waters of the river and listen for the future and news it would bring. These elders were respected by most races and earned their title of "Waterspeakers".[1]


Waterspeakers are capable of controlling water at ease using their powers to create columns of water, bubbles that could lift enemies into the air, water shields[2] and possibly more water based abilities that could have been forgotten over time due to the mogu taking control of Pandaria.




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