The Waterworks.

The Waterworks are one of the three capture points in the Battle for Gilneas battleground. It is located near the center of the map, parallel to the Overlook. Due to it being close to the Mines and the Lighthouse, it is often the base where most of the game's initial and late game combat takes place.

The Waterworks has four points of entry, two on the Alliance side of the battleground and two on the Horde side. The Horde's entrances are through the waters of Waterworks, or by going around a cliff near the Mines, where one can find a Speed boost chest, and cross the river (the gap can be jumped and it is shallow enough to keep running on most mounts).

The Alliance's entrances are by a broken bridge which contains a speed chest at its beginning (the jump can be timed to land on the mid section of the bridge) or around the back from a dirt path leading from the Lighthouse.

It is often the team that captures this point first that has the advantage throughout the game.


  • It is the largest of the three capture points, having several windmills, a graveyard, three buildings and a waterwheel.
  • One can find a bit of the Greymane Wall near the Waterwoorks, as well as a double rainbow. Going under it (which it is actually its own separate subzone called Beneath The Double Rainbow) and performing the /gasp emote will earn one an achievement.
  • While it is possible to just be coincidence, there seems to be a nod to each town from the Gilneas zone in the Battle for Gilneas. The Waterworks may be a second nod to Emberstone Village, which is somewhat referenced at the Mines. Emberstone possesses an alchemist station and a waterwheel just like the Waterworks.


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