For the quest, see N Cooking [10-35] Way of the Grill.
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  • Way of the Grill
  • Instant
  • Allows a cook to grill delicious foods up to a maximum skill of 600.
Cooking WoW Icon update.png Cooking (Profession)

The Way of the Grill is a style of Pandaren cooking mastered by Kol Ironpaw. The recipes focus on increasing strength, making this an optimal Way for Warriors, Retribution Paladins, and Death Knights.

In order to learn the Way of the Grill, the character must have 525 cooking skill and complete N Cooking [10-35] Ready for Greatness, then N Cooking [10-35] Way of the Grill.

Obtaining 600 skill points in Way of the Grill cooking awards the achievement  [Master of the Grill], which is part of the achievement  [Master of Pandaren Cooking].


Kol Ironpaw, Master of the Grill.


Way of the Grill
Recipe Reagents Orange Yellow Green Gray Source
 [Charbroiled Tiger Steak] 1xRaw Tiger Steak 525 550 552 555 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Eternal Blossom Fish] 1xJade Lungfish 5xStriped Melon 550 (2) 575 575 575 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Banquet of the Grill] 1x100 Year Soy Sauce 10xRedbelly Mandarin 10xRaw Crab Meat 50xWhite Turnip 575 (5) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Great Banquet of the Grill] 1x100 Year Soy Sauce 20xRedbelly Mandarin 20xRaw Crab Meat 100xWhite Turnip 575 (8) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp] 1xBlack Pepper 5xGiant Mantis Shrimp 5xMushan Ribs 25xGreen Cabbage 600 (5) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Fluffy Silkfeather Omelet] 1xAged Mogu'shan Cheese 5xFresh Silkfeather Hawk Eggs 600 600 600 600 Ancient Guo-Lai Cache

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