For the quest, see N Cooking [10-35] Way of the Steamer.
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The Way of the Steamer is a style of Pandaren cooking mastered by Yan Ironpaw. The recipes focus on increasing spirit, making this an optimal Way for Discipline/Holy Priests, Restoration Druids, Elemental/Restoration Shamans, Holy Paladins, and Mistweaver Monks.

In order to learn the Way of the Steamer, the character must have 525 cooking skill and complete N Cooking [10-35] Ready for Greatness, then N Cooking [10-35] Way of the Steamer.

Obtaining 600 skill points in Way of the Steamer cooking awards the achievement  [Master of the Steamer], which is part of the achievement  [Master of Pandaren Cooking].


Yan Ironpaw, Master of the Steamer.


Way of the Steamer
Recipe Reagents Orange Yellow Green Gray Source
 [Shrimp Dumplings] 1xGiant Mantis Shrimp 525 550 552 555 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Fire Spirit Salmon] 1xEmperor Salmon 5xScallions 550 (2) 575 575 575 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Banquet of the Steamer] 1x100 Year Soy Sauce 10xEmperor Salmon 10xWildfowl Breast 50xJade Squash 575 (5) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Great Banquet of the Steamer] 1x100 Year Soy Sauce 20xEmperor Salmon 20xWildfowl Breast 100xJade Squash 575 (8) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Steamed Crab Surprise] 1xRice Flour 5xJewel Danio 5xWildfowl Breast 600 (5) 600 600 600 Trainer 3g 80s
 [Farmer's Delight] 1xAged Balsamic Vinegar 1xFresh Strawberries 2xFresh Shao-Tien Rice 600 600 600 600 Ancient Guo-Lai Cache

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