AllianceWaycrest Guard
Main leader IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Marshal Joan Cleardawn[1]
  Formerly IconSmall Human Male.gif Marshal Everit Reade †
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
Character classes Falconer, Scout
Base of operations Arom's Stand
Theater of operations Drustvar
Language(s) Common
Sub-group(s) Goodspeed's Guard (formerly)
Affiliation House Waycrest

The Waycrest Guard is the main military force of House Waycrest. Their primary role is to defend the people of Drustvar.


The story of the Waycrest Guard began during the war with the Drust. Under the leadership of Colonel Arom Waycrest, the warriors of Drustvar defeated the Drust king, Gorak Tul, at Gol Osigr. With this victory, Colonel Waycrest was promoted to the lord and founded House Waycrest. The men who remained in his service following his victory over the Drust became the first of the Waycrest Guard.[2][3]

As the warriors of Drustvar organized into an official organization, they began taming the local falcons to work alongside them as scouts and messengers.[4]

At the beginning of the events of the Battle For Azeroth the leader of the Waycrest Guard was Marshal Everit Reade. For many years, his watch would prove to be a peaceful one. That would all change when the Heartsbane Coven arrived. The coven would undermine the Waycrest Guard from within. The members at Corlain and Waycrest Manor were taken under the absolute control of the Coven. The members at Watchman's Rise would also fall under the Coven's spell.[5][6] While most were turned against their alliance by being enthralled, others joined willingly. The subgroup of Goodspeed's Guard, gave their alliance to the Coven in exchange for power. All seem to go from bad to force and the Army was forced to remained at Arom's Stand to take care of the refugees. With Lord Arthur Waycrest captured and daughter Lucille Waycrest being sentenced to death. Everit chose to save her first. With his men at his side, he rode to Hangman's Point and defended it long enough until Lucille was proven innocent. With Lucille's freedom assured, Everit rode back to Arom's Stand, awaiting her return.[7]

Lucille would return with a plan to stop the Heartsbane Coven, involving the restoration of the Order of Embers. With the help of Everit, he gave her five recruits for the order.[8][9]

With the Order restored, the Waycrest Guard began their offensive. They started by retaking the Watchman's Rise and pushing into Corlain. They took down the barrier and changed towards Waycrest Manor. Arriving at the entrance, they are confronted by The Mother who corrupts Everit. With no other choice, Everit was brought down. [10][11]

After the death of Meredith, the Waycrest guard continued their duties in peace.[12] Joan Cleardawn was named the new Marshal.[1]



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