We Are Not Alone

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AllianceWe Are Not Alone
Start Earthmender Duarn
End Captain Taylor
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Shimmering Expanse
Experience 13850
Reputation +75 Alliance
Rewards 3g 90s
Previous Breaking Through
Next Body Blows, Hopelessly Gearless, Still Valuable
For the Horde version, see H [81] We Are Not Alone.


Find the Alliance survivors inside of Nespirah in Vashj'ir.


<Duarn closes his eyes, pauses, and nods.>

Nespirah has just informed me that we are not the only people fighting inside of this shell. A small group of Alliance slaves has escaped and is currently fighting off the naga on the other side of the shell, up on the ledge that overlooks Nespirah's heart.

Go find them, <name>, and see what help they can lend us. With their aid, we may be able to rouse Nespirah from her torpor.

I will remain here, should you need anything.


You will receive: 3g 90s


<Name>... is that you?


Circle along the outer ledge clockwise to find the Alliance survivors: Captain Taylor, Admiral Dvorek, Jorlan Trueblade and Wavespeaker Valoren.


  1. N [81] A Pearl of Wisdom
  2. N [81] Nespirah
  3. N [81] Making Contact
  4. N [81] Slave Labor / N [81] Stick it to Them
  5. N [81] Capture the Crab
  6. N [81] Breaking Through
  7. B [81] We Are Not Alone
  8. B [81] Body Blows / B [81] Hopelessly Gearless / B [81] Still Valuable
  9. B [81] Overseer Idra'kess
  10. B [81] Waking the Beast

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