We Come in Peace... and Profit

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HordeWe Come in Peace... and Profit
Start Gazlowe
End Prince Erazmin
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 1,800
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [120] Prospectus Bay
Next N [120] The Resistance Needs YOU!


Explore the nearby town with Gazlowe.


King Mechagon won't be happy we're on his island.

But a cruel king like that is gonna have enemies. You and I know that better than most, yeah?

While Skaggit and the crew get our foothold dug in here, you and I are gonna find some potential allies to shield us from King Mechagon's wrath.

Those two guards ran into that junkheap town up the hill. That place don't smell of royalty to me... Let's check there first.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


Welcome to the Rustbolt Resistance.


On accept
Gazlowe says: Ricket, Jack, with me. Let's scope out that town.
Entering Rustbolt
Rustbolt Engineer says: I could use another spanner, here!
Gazlowe says: Looks like these gnomes got some serious problems. I can work with that.
Approaching Prince Erazmin
Tinkmaster Overspark, Sapphronetta Flivvers, and Grizzek Fizzwrench are standing near Erazmin.
Sapphronetta Flivvers yells: Of course we'll join your cause, Prince Erazmin. That's why we're here!
Gazlowe yells: Uh, yeah, that's why we came out here, too. Sign us up!
Tinkmaster Overspark says: Hah! As if the Horde would help anyone! Your bloated trade prince doesn't know the meaning of the word!
Gazlowe says: Don't mind him, Prince. Me and my crew are willin' to lend a hand. Just tell us what needs doin' and we'll do it!
Prince Erazmin says: With your assistance, we can foil my father's schemes and save my people.
Prince Erazmin says: Welcome to the Rustbolt Resistance!


  1. H [120] Rumors of Mechagon
  2. H [120] The Legend of Mechagon
  3. H [120] A Quick Ear Hustle
  4. H [120] This is Our Vault Now
  5. H [120] Let's Get It Started
  6. H [120] You Must be This Height
  7. H [120] Machinations for Mechagon
  8. H [120] Only the Best Will Do
  9. H [120] To Mechagon!
  10. H [120] Prospectus Bay
  11. H [120] We Come in Peace... and Profit

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