We Must Construct Additional Pylons

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NeutralWe Must Construct Additional Pylons
Start Soulbinder Tuulani [68.5, 19.3]
End Soulbinder Tuulani [55.1, 67.4]
Level 96 (Requires 95)
Category Talador
Experience 16350
Rewards 13g 80s
Previous B [96] Powering the Defenses
Next A [96] Light's Rest


Collect 6 Arkonite Crystals and an Arkonite Pylon from the Tomb of Lights.


We came here to retrieve a reserve pylon to power Auchindoun's defenses, but we've been pinned to this position by the Shadow Council for hours!

I need to get these injured back to Exarch's Refuge, but we still need the backup system!

Please, gather Arkonite crystals and an Arkonite pylon from the tomb and meet me at the refuge as quickly as you can!

On accept:

Soulbinder Tuulani says: I'll lead the wounded to safety. Cover our escape!


You will receive: 13g 80s


On approach:

Soulbinder Tuulani says: Don't give up, soulbinders. Auchindoun must be protected!

Do you have the arkonite pylon and the crystals?


Light bless you, hero! We need to hold out as long as we can so Nyami can track down the remaining power shards. This pylon will help take the load off of our soulpriests.


  • 16350 XP


There is one crystal in this room along the south wall. Exit the room. In the central sanctum, Yuuri, the head caretaker, calls out for help:

Yuuri says: P-please... somebody... anybody...

He offers N [96] Nightmare in the Tomb. There is one crystal in this room, and one just on the other side of the door behind Yuuri. Head to the southeast hall and take out Tagar Spinebreaker, then head to the western room to find the Arkonite Pylon and three more crystals along the walls.


The title of this quest is a reference to Blizzard's StarCraft franchise. In the StarCraft video games, a Protoss player is told that they must construct additional pylons when they attempt to build a unit without having the necessary amount of psi (supply), a resource provided by pylons. The phrase also became an internet meme.


  1. A [95] Speaker for the Dead / H [95] The Lady of Light
  2. Complete all of:
    1. B [96] Powering the Defenses
    2. N [96] We Must Construct Additional Pylons & N [96] Nightmare in the Tomb
  3. A [96] Light's Rest / H [96] Sunsworn Camp
  4. Complete all of:
  5. B [96] Scheduled Pickup
  6. N [96] Restalaan, Captain of the Guard
  7. N [96] The Final Piece
  8. N [96] Changing the Tide
  9. N [96] Desperate Measures
  10. N [96] Into the Heart of Madness
  11. B [96] Destination: Unknown
  12. N [94] Together We Are Strong
  13. B [96] Come Together

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