Weapon damage could refer to two things: base weapon damage, non-normalized attack-power-modified weapon damage or normalized attack-power-modified weapon damage.

Base weapon damage

Base weapon damage is a weapon's inherent damage, displayed in the weapon's tooltip.

Attack power modified weapon damage

Non-normalized attack-power-modified weapon damage

The damage displayed in the Character Info window's Damage tooltip is modified by attack power. This damage range is used for white damage, and is generally used for non-instant attacks. It is also used for some weapon damage based instant attacks, see normalization for details.

Normalized attack-power-modified weapon damage

Many weapon-damage-based instant attack abilities do not use a weapon's actual speed when calculating the effects of attack power. Instead, they gain bonus damage from attack power as if they had a specific speed, as shown in the table below. The values in the table assume an attack which deals 100% of weapon damage. Multiply all damage coefficient and AP per damage values by the ability's weapon damage percentage for attacks with other weapon damage percentages. Halve all AP coefficient and AP per damage values for off-hand attacks.

Weapon Normalization speed AP coefficient AP for 1 damage
Daggers 1.7 12.1% 8.24
Other one-handed weapons 2.4 17.1% 5.83
Two-handed weapons 3.3 23.6% 4.24
Ranged weapons 2.8 20.0% 5.00

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