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Weathered Journal (Dustwallow Marsh)

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For the Kun-Lai summit object, see  [Weathered Journal].

The Weathered Journal is a tome located in Dustwallow Marsh.


<Thumbing through the journal you find a few entries that catch your eye.>

Day 3,

Found a weird, stone platform on one of the little bits of land sticking out the ocean today. Not sure what it is, but it looks really old! There are these really tiny slivers of jeweled rock across the surface. I'll probably come out again tomorrow and do a little diving to see if I can find any more.

Day 6,

I found it! Holy smokes did I find it! A huge cave underneath Alcaz Island. I mean, this thing is gigantic. Haven't gone in yet. Probably contains a huge monster. Maybe a whale shark?

Day 10,

Finally got my stealth swimsuit finished. Going to venture into the cave today. Hopefully this isn't my last entry.

<You see some blood smudges written along the next part.>

Oh yea, there's something in there alright. It did something to me, but I was able to get away. Got something out of it, too. A nice small jewel. Should fetch me a sack of gold I figure.

For now, just going to lie down and take a quick nap to recover. This wound should hopefully heal soon.

<The remaning[sic] pages are empty.>

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