Krom'gar barricade.

Webwinder Path.

Webwinder Path is a main stretch of road that goes from Malaka'jin,[73, 88] all the way to Mirkfallon Lake.[50, 45] The southern part of the path seems to have been hit hard by the Shattering much of the land the runs alongside the path has sunk a great amount. The Horde setup up a barricade just west of Malaka'Jin in order to prevent the Alliance from heading further east.[65, 82]

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Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill led their groups through the path. When they looked skyward, Makasa and Murky noticed how the forest above was made into a labyrinth of spider webs formed into tunnels and loops, a veritable fortress of glittering ivory strands, with hundreds of spiders.[1]




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