Promotional artwork for the second Welcome Back Weekend, featuring a Zandalari troll and a Kul Tiran.

Welcome Back Weekend is an occasional promotional event aimed at bringing back old players. During this time, all inactive World of Warcraft accounts are upgraded to grant returning players full access to the game and all their characters without requiring a subscription. Alongside the Welcome Back Weekend for returning players, Blizzard also offers a discount on the following Game services: Appearance Change, Character Transfer, Faction Change, Name Change, and Race Change.

Welcome Back Weekend first ran from June 21 to June 24, 2018, with a 25% discount on the listed services.[1] It later returned from March 21 through March 24, 2019, with the discount increased to 30%.[2] It returned once again in 2020 for November 5 through November 8, with the discount of 30%.[3]



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