HordeWelcome to the Machine
Start High Executor Darthalia
End High Executor Darthalia
Level 7-30
Category Hillsbrad Foothills
Experience 1,000
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards  [Portable Lap Desk]
or  [Quest Giver's Pauldrons]
or  [Cue Cue Gloves]
or  [Winning Mail Gloves]
Previous H [7-30] Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!
Next H [7-30] Trouble at Azurelode


Hand out 3 Quests.


Come in here dear <boy/girl>, have a cigar. You're gonna go far and fly high as a ranking officer of the Forsaken. Yes, indeed, this is the good life and you are going to live it!

I want you to take these orders and dispense them to the lowly scrubs that come along looking for work. Who you give what to is wholly at your discretion.

When you're ready mount up on my trusty skeletal steed - so they don't miss you - and start living the life! Which means just stand there and wait.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shield 11.png [Portable Lap Desk] Inv shoulder 15.png [Quest Giver's Pauldrons]
Inv gauntlets 20.png [Cue Cue Gloves] Inv gauntlets 20.png [Winning Mail Gloves]

You will also receive:


How's the "desk job" coming?


So, how was it? Everything that you dreamed it would be? Exciting, no?


<Darthalia sighs.>

I can see that you're a true hero. You need action. I guess a "desk job" isn't for you.


Mount the horse and start giving out quests.

High Executor Darthalia says: Stand tall and proud, <name>. Don't let any of these scrubs give you any trouble. Show them who's boss!
High Executor Darthalia says: I see one coming now! Looks like a real winner. Keep it cool, <name>. Keep it cool.
A level 19 character named Dumass walks in, saying everything in capital letters.
Dumass says: HI! HI! HELP!
Dumass says: HI! HI! HELP!

Gossip Maybe you should go take a nap or something. I don't know if I have any work for you.


Gossip Wait a minute. It looks like something just came up. Yes, right here on this sheet of paper. You need to head southeast to the Azurelode Mine and report to Captain Keyton. Southeast is that way *you point southeast*.

High Executor Darthalia says: These new Forsaken tend to be a little... um... stupid. It usually takes awhile for them to acclimate.
High Executor Darthalia says: Oh great... not this one again. I know this orc. He's got no business being here, but since he's a bottom-feeding pansy he likes to hang around here and prey on the helpless. Don't let him bully you.
The level 80 Kingslayer Orkus <Red Like My Rage> flies in on his frost wyrm mount, fully equipped with tier 10 gear.
Kingslayer Orkus says: HAH! Looks like you're running out of idiots to put atop this horse, Darthalia. This is the puniest one yet.
Kingslayer Orkus says: What have you got for me today, weakling?! Point me to where the Alliance hide and I shall DOMINATE THEM!
"I have seen the fall of the Lich King. Creations of the titans have fallen before my mighty axe. When called upon, I alone spearheaded a victory for the Argent Crusade against the beasts of Northrend. Now, I come for the ultimate challenge. What does Hillsbrad Foothills have to offer Kingslayer Orkus???"

Gossip Um... Apparently there are bloodthirsty worgen running rampant in the south. Maybe you could help with them?

"Bloodthirsty you say? Is there any risk of death or dismemberment to me?"

Gossip None.

"Then Orkus WILL DO IT! YES!"

Gossip Right, thanks. Just go ahead and head south. Far south. Probably off the coast.

Kingslayer Orkus says: Yes, cowardly quest giver, sit atop your pale horse while Orkus brings glory to the Horde! I shall return with a thousand skulls!
High Executor Darthalia says: Here's to hoping he never returns. Maybe he'll drown?
High Executor Darthalia says: Ah, crap. You're on your own with this one, <name>.
Johnny Awesome, a level 20 blood elf, rides in on a  [Celestial Steed] and fully equipped with heirlooms.
Johnny Awesome says: Johnny Awesome has arrived, philistine. Present me with your menial tasks so that I may complete them with only mild enthusiasm and most likely a complete disregard for any directions that you provide that are more complicated than what my map is able to display.
"Look at me, peasant. Heirlooms cover my body from head to toe, gifted to me by the greatest heroes Azeroth has ever known.
Now look at yourself.
Quickly, look back at me.
Yes, this horse IS made of STARS.
What pointless series of tasks befitting a mentally deficient orc have you prepared for me?"

Gossip Well, we are having some problems at the Sludge Fields, located northeast of here. Warden Stillwater could use your help.

"Fine, fine, what else?"

Gossip That's all.

"That's all? One quest? Surely you jest. Are there not bear asses to collect? Perhaps a rare flower that I could pick from which you will make some mildly hallucinogenic tonic which you will then drink, resulting in visions of a great apocalypse? Perhaps the local populace of mildly annoying, ill-tempered gophers are acting up and need to be brought to justice? No? Nothing?"


Johnny Awesome says: I will do this ONE thing that you ask of me, quest giver. Pray I find more menial tasks to accomplish or you will be hearing from me again and I assure you that my commentary on forums of public opinion will be most unkind.


This quest has a number of pop culture references:

  • The quest name and the opening sentence of the quest refers to the songs "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" by Pink Floyd respectively.
  • The "Now look at yourself. Quickly, look back at me. Yes, this horse IS made of STARS." quote by Johnny Awesome is a reference to an Old Spice commercial.
  • "CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE LOK'TAR IS COOKIN'?!" is a reference to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson famous tagline of "Can (If) you smell what the Rock is cookin'?"

This quest is Blizzard "breaking the fourth wall" in a sense to mock some stereotypical player character types. Dumass represents the "noob": the player who is new to the game and knows little of how it works or the lore behind it, and is probably even a little overwhelmed by it all. Orkus is the bored end-gamer, one who has accomplished pretty much everything in terms of end-game content and is now mindlessly (and effortlessly) doing low-level quests and griefing "lowbie" opposition player characters. He may also represent those who have purchased accounts through an auction site on the Internet or used a leveling service to achieve this effect. Finally, Johnny Awesome is the "twink" alt character, the beneficiary of a player's main or older alts that have purchased heirloom (or rare and epic bind on equip) items to make it overpowered for its level and plow through content easily (and perhaps even having an overbearing sense of entitlement in the process). Darthalia, meantime, is the poor, set-upon quest giver that has to put up with these types all day, every day, and the player is now getting to see what it is like from her perspective.


Introduction and Azurelode Mine

Optional breadcrumbs: H [7-30] Empire of Dirt or H [7-30] Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!

  1. H [7-30] Welcome to the Machine
  2. H [7-30] Trouble at Azurelode & H [7-30] Glorious Harvest & H [7-30] Past Their Prime
  3. H [7-30] Human Infestation & H [7-30] Thieving Little Monsters! & H [7-30] Coastal Delicacies!
  4. H [7-30] Deep Mine Rescue

Sludge Fields

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at the Sludge Fields
  2. H [7-30] No One Here Gets Out Alive
  3. H [7-30] Discretion is Key & H [7-30] For Science!
    Side quest: H [7-30] The Battle for Hillsbrad, H [7-30] Do the Right Thing
  4. H [7-30] Little Girl Lost
  5. H [7-30] Freedom for Lydon
  6. H [7-30] Protocol & H [7-30] Do it for Twinkles
  7. H [7-30] Burnside Must Fall
  8. H [7-30] A Blight Upon the Land

Ruins of Southshore

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at Southshore
  2. H [7-30] Studies in Lethality & H [7-30] Green Living & H [7-30] Helcular's Rod Giveth... & H [7-30] Helcular's Command
    Side quest: H [7-30] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, H [7-30G2] Trail of Filth

Purgation Isle

  1. H [7-30] Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking? (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [7-30] *Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*
  3. H [7-30] Stormpike Rendezvous
  4. H [7-30] Kasha Will Fly Again
    Side quest: H [7-30] Terrible Little Creatures
  5. H [7-30] The Road to Purgation
  6. H [7-30] They Will Never Expect This...
  7. H [7-30] Heroes of the Horde!

Tarren Mill

Alterac Mountains

  1. H [7-30] Aid of the Frostwolf (breadcrumb in Tarren Mill)
  2. H [7-30] Matters of Loyalty
  3. H [7-30] March of the Stormpike
  4. H [7-30] Breaking the Hand
    1. H [7-30] Cry of the Banshee
    2. H [7-30] Decimation
    3. H [7-30] Infiltration & H [7-30] Deception and Trickery
    4. H [7-30] Domination
  5. H [7-30] Stormpike Apocalypse

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