NeutralWelcome to the Resistance
Start Prince Erazmin
End Prince Erazmin
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 1,800
Reputation +150 Rustbolt Resistance
Rewards 250x  [Spare Parts], 3x  [Energy Cell]
2g 34s
Previous N [50] Send My Father a Message
Next N [50] Shop Project


Tour Rustbolt with Prince Erazmin.


Life in the Rustbolt Resistance is not easy, <name>.

But it is yours. We will not order you around or force you to fight. Mechagon is a land of endless opportunities, and you may chase whichever opportunities you see fit.

Of course, if you'd like suggestions for which improvements you most require, myself or any of the other mechagnomes in town will be happy to advise you of your current weaknesses.

But, for now, I ask simply that you walk with me to my workshop.


You will receive:


I wonder, what will you choose to do next?


Upon accept

Follow the prince as he goes around the town.

Prince Erazmin says: As you can observe, we take pride in our ability to refurbish and repurpose technology.
Prince Erazmin says: However, we also value our organic components. Our emotions and memories, our personalities.
Prince Erazmin says: My father does not share that view. He intends to mechanize the entirety of our people, willing or not.
Prince Erazmin says: The choice to install upgrades belongs to each of us. No one can strip us of that autonomy.
Prince Erazmin says: It seems we have an impressive haul today, Christy.
Christy Punchcog says: Yes, sir. Their tech is improving. We can hardly keep up.
Prince Erazmin looks at the fully mechanized Sentry and sighs.
Prince Erazmin says: The extent of this mechanization... is there even a gnome left in there?
Christy Punchcog says: I have yet to determine that. King Mechagon has converted over 99 percent of their physical composition.
Prince Erazmin says: We will stop him. We must stop him.
Prince Erazmin says: Most of the resistance still have family and friends within Mechagon.
Prince Erazmin says: We fight not only for our own freedom, but for theirs as well.
Prince Erazmin says: If my father succeeds, then all of us will end up like that machine on the wall.
Prince Erazmin says: He'd erase everything that makes us who we are. We cannot allow that to happen.
Prince Erazmin says: Thank you for your assistance. But there remains much more to do.

If you wish to skip this tour, you can simply ask Erazmin to do so.

Oh, you have a question?

Gossip I don't need a tour of the city.

On completion
Prince Erazmin says: Explore Rustbolt and acquaint yourself with the resistance.
Prince Erazmin says: There's always something in progress on this island.

Finishing this quest unlocks various normal and daily quests across Rustbolt and beyond, including H [50 Daily] Prototypes for Profit / A [50 Daily] Prototypes for Inspiration, N [50] Junkyard Tinkering and You, N [50] Upgraded, and N [50] Fishing For Something Bigger.


  1. N [50] The Resistance Needs YOU!
  2. N [50] Rescuing the Resistance, N [50] My Father's Armies & N [50] We Can Fix It
  3. N [50] Drill Rig Construction
  4. N [50] Send My Father a Message
  5. N [50] Welcome to the Resistance

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