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For the zone before the Cataclysm, see Wetlands (Classic).
AllianceThe Wetlands
Level: 10-30
Battle Pet Level: 6 - 7
Wetlands landscape
Capital(s) Alliance Menethil Harbor
Races DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
HumanHuman Human
IconSmall Dragonmaw MaleIconSmall Dragonmaw Female Orc
Black dragon Black dragon
Night elfNight elf Night elf
GnomeGnome Gnome
Gnoll Gnoll
Ruler(s) Alliance IconSmall Dwarf Male Captain Stoutfist
Alliance IconSmall Thargas Thargas Anvilmar
Alliance IconSmall NightElf Male Ferilon Leafborn
Former ruler(s) Neutral IconSmall Gorfax Gorfax Angerfang
Major settlements Alliance Greenwarden's Grove
Alliance Dun Modr
Mob Dun Algaz
Minor settlements Alliance Swiftgear Station
Alliance Slabchisel's Survey
Alliance Whelgar's Retreat
Mob Angerfang Encampment
Affiliation Explorer's League, Kingdom of Ironforge, Night elves, Alliance, Dark Iron clan, Angerfang (Dragonmaw clan), Mosshide tribe, Bluegill tribe
Location Northern Khaz Modan
PvP status Contested territory

The Wetlands is a large, wet region below Stonewrought Dam and north of Loch Modan, covered with small rivers, lakes, and ponds. Bordered on three sides by mountains, the Wetlands are open to the ocean to the west. Adventurers seeking a route to the Wetlands must either come through sieged Dun Algaz from Loch Modan or cross the damaged Thandol Span from the Arathi Highlands.

The Wetlands is a vast, cold swamp. Mists cloak the ground, and the overcast sky makes the land a uniform gray. Many Ironforge strongholds once stood in this region, but war has reduced them to rubble. Wild creatures, murlocs and orcs of Dragonmaw clan now control the land. The main bastion of Alliance's power in the region, the Menethil Harbor, has partially sunk and flooded due to irregular tectonic activity caused by the Shattering. The night elves also maintain a small holdout in the eastern parts, the Greenwarden's Grove - home to the fabled Rethiel the Greenwarden.


After the original dwarven kingdom of Ironforge was left shattered by infighting, the Wildhammer dwarves traveled northeast and founded their new capital city in the mountains of Grim Batol. When the War of the Three Hammers reignited, the Dark Irons invaded Grim Batol and almost succeeded in taking full control of it, but were driven back at the last minute. Seeing their city irremediably tainted and uninhabitable, the majority of the Wildhammers turned north to settle in the Hinterlands, while the rest settled in the region of Northeron, not far from their cursed former home.[1] After the war the dwarves of Ironforge sought to retain relations and trade with their Wildhammer cousins and built the Thandol Span to bridge the gap between Khaz Modan and Lordaeron and to serve as both an economic and a symbolic bridge between the dwarven territories.[2][3]

When the Second War started several dwarven clans numbering hundreds of members lived in the area of the Wetlands. Orgrim Doomhammer chose a small island in Baradin Bay to be the place where his invasion fleet would be built. Sailing straight to the Hillsbrad Foothills would let the Old Horde avoid the ground defenses of the nascent Alliance of Lordaeron.[4] The Bleeding Hollow clan was left behind to guard the refinement operations of the Horde,[5] while Dragonmaw clan established itself in Grim Batol. The region suffered greatly from this occupation: wildlife became scarce as both the orcs and their dragons thrived heavily on fresh meat, and despoiled badlands become more common as plants themselves suffered.[6] The dwarves that could fled, those that couldn't like Rom's clan hid underground and started resisting. Dragonmaw clan was eventually subject to the wrath of the red dragonflight who, when freed of their enslavement from the orcs, attacked them. The orcs who survived the onslaught fled south to the mountains, where they live to this day.

After the Second War the area was reconquered and Doomhammer's port was rebuilt as an Alliance settlement named Menethil Harbor in honor of the king of Lordaeron, Terenas Menethil II. The forces of the Horde of Draenor later attacked the harbor in order to steal ships and set sail for the Tomb of Sargeras.[7] Grim Batol itself was taken by the Red dragonflight who patrolled its area.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The fanatical Twilight's Hammer, under service of Neltharion himself and the malevolent Old Gods, has seized the fortress of Grim Batol as part of their expansion within the highlands on the east, brutally pushing back the red flight's forces.

The Cataclysm caused a flood of the western part of the Wetlands and of Menethil Harbor, sweeping a good number of ocean dwellers with it.[8]

The flood from Loch Modan's Loch distressed with local wildlife's and brought threshadons as well.[9]

Getting there[]

From Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands, run south/southwest to the large bridge, the Thandol Span. The Wetlands are on the other side.
From Ironforge go east through Dun Morogh to Loch Modan. Take the road in the Loch north to Dun Algaz in the the Wetlands. You can also take the boat from Theramore, which leads to Menethil Harbor.


There are currently no dungeons or battlegrounds in this area.

Maps and subregions[]


Map of the Wetlands.


Map of the Wetlands prior to Cataclysm.

Undisplayed locations

WC2BnE-logo Warcraft II

A topographic map of the pre-Cataclysm Wetlands.

Travel hubs[]


Menethil Harbor

Deepwater Tavern flooded

Menethil Harbor's Deepwater Tavern

Alliance Flight paths from Slabchisel's Survey[]
Alliance Flight paths from Greenwarden's Grove[]
Alliance Flight paths from Whelgar's Retreat[]
Alliance Flight paths from Menethil Harbor[]
Alliance Flight paths from Dun Modr[]

Adjacent regions[]


A sunset over the Wetlands.

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access subzone Access method
Loch Modan Alliance 10 - 60 South Dun Algaz By foot or Alliance flightpath from Slabchisel's Survey to Thelsamar
Arathi Highlands AllianceHorde 25 - 60 North Thandol Span By foot or Alliance flightpath from Dun Modr to Refuge Pointe
Dustwallow Marsh Alliance Horde 35 - 60 West across the ocean Baradin Bay By boat from Menethil Harbor to Theramore Isle
Howling FjordWrath-Logo-Small Alliance Horde 58 - 80 Northwest across the ocean Baradin Bay By boat from Menethil Harbor to Valgarde
Twilight HighlandsCataclysm AllianceHorde 84 - 90 East Dragonmaw Pass By foot through the gates or flying mount.

Notable characters[]

Dun Modr

Dun Modr

Main article: Wetlands NPCs


Main article: Wetlands storyline

Adventurers help the Alliance outposts of the Wetlands get back on their feet after the disastrous land-altering effects of the Shattering. Play courier via ram, uncover a ghostly mystery, do archaeology by beating up skeletal raptors, and deal a final blow against the Dark Iron on the Thandol Span.


Sundown Marsh

Sundown Marsh

Battle pets[]

Wild creatures[]


The Wetlands during the rainy season.

In Cataclysm[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The Wetlands became a 25-30 zone. Between the tidal effects of the Cataclysm and the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam, large portions of this zone have became flooded, including Menethil Harbor.

Areas affected:[10]

In Warcraft III[]

WC3RoC-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

A Warcraft III map exists called Wetlands. A once thriving metropolis has all but been covered by the jungle.

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Cold and drear, the Wetlands is Khaz Modan's northernmost realm. It can be found after crossing through Loch Modan's Dun Algaz Gate. Once dominated by dwarven strongholds, the Wetlands suffered grievously in the Second and Third Wars. The strongholds have fallen, and wild creatures, murlocs and renegade orcs claim the land. The Wetlands is little more than a thoroughfare for travelers moving to and from Menethil Harbor, the only safe settlement in the area. This marsh is not nearly as cheerful as Loch Modan.[11]


Horde and Scourge forces devastated the Wetlands in the Second and Third Wars, forcing the Ironforge dwarves to retreat to Loch Modan and Dun Morogh. Alliance forces have since established Menethil Harbor, but the area is still wild and untamed. The Wetlands is a buffer zone between the inhabited Khaz Modan and Scourge-infested Lordaeron.[12]

Menethil Harbor, on the west coast, is the only Alliance settlement in the Wetlands. Menethil's people are tense and wary, as orcs and other creatures attack the walls constantly. Dark Iron dwarves claimed the fallen city of Dun Modr, in the north, as their own, while the renegade orcish Dragonmaw clan, defeated shortly after the Second War, fled to this land. The orcs, still flying their white dragon banners, refuse to ally with Thrall and raid Menethil Harbor repeatedly.

Disputed ruins dot the landscape, and murlocs, bog beasts and other creatures are perfect hunting targets. Menethil Harbor would be indebted to any intrepid individuals who eliminated the Dragonmaw threat.[11]

The Dark Iron dwarves of Dun Modr uncovered ancient writings in their ruined fortress that spoke of an artifact called Ironbeard's Axe. They leaked this information to both Menethil Harbor and the Dragonmaw orcs, and later planed to incite both factions to race to Ironbeard's Tomb, fighting oozes and each other in the process. In the aftermath, Dark Iron agents ambushed the victors on their way out, thereby claiming the magical axe for themselves.[12]


The Wetlands is one vast, cold swamp stretching to Khaz Modan's northern coast. Gray mist cloaks the ground, giving the area an eerie, isolated feel, while the skies are constantly overcast. To the south are a series of one thousand stone steps carved into the rock, at the top of which is Dun Algaz Gate and the entrance to Loch Modan. To the north is Lordaeron's Arathi Highlands.[11] Ruined dwarven fortresses can be seen, thrusting their bones up from the surrounding filth. Elevation rises to the east to the mountain fortress of Grim Batol, and to the south toward Loch Modan. As if rebel orcs and Dark Iron dwarves were not bad enough, Bluegill murlocs, bog beasts and oozes roam the murky landscape.

Menethil Harbor is the only safe settlement in the Wetlands, though wrecked strongholds and other ruins draw treasure seekers to this bleak land. Many shipwrecks line the coast. Curious explorers could find many intriguing items in these shattered hulks. Brann Bronzebeard found a fork.[12]




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