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For the boss-level mob, see Whale Shark (Vashj'ir)‎.
Whale shark

Whale sharks are horrific leviathans that typically patrol large bodies of water on both Azeroth and alternate Draenor, such as those of Vashj'ir, Suramar and Tanaan Jungle. They are wholly malicious entities whose sole purpose is the devouring of inattentive or overzealous adventurers. Few have encountered these legendary monstrosities and lived to tell the tale.

Not all whale sharks are massive; there seem to be several species, some of which are much smaller than the humongous whale sharks encountered in Vashj'ir and Thousand Needles. An example would be the Great Sea Whale Shark, which is small enough to be able to swim around the waters and canals of Suramar City.

By the time of the discovery of Pandaria, a whale shark is patrolling in the Thousand Needles. It was encountered by Aramar Thorne's and his friends.[1]



Blue posts[]

Specifically talking about the Vashj'ir creatures.

  • Whale Shark has asked me to let you know that it is displeased by your tone, and to deliver the following message:
"Whale Shark is the devourer of the slow moving and inattentive. This includes plankton, whales, and AFK players.
Whale Shark swims where and how it pleases. Whale Shark /spits on your science."[2]
  • Off the coast of Dun Morogh, beneath the sunlit reaches of the Great Sea, swims the arbiter of the deep. Known to many as simply "the whale shark," this legendary leviathan patrols the sunken ruins of Vashj'ir, casually devouring any inattentive or overzealous adventurers who cross its path.[3]

Notes and trivia[]

  • A living female whale shark is in Thousand Needles.[1]
  • In the real world, whale sharks are filter feeders, with a diet mostly of plankton. Besides possibly running into divers, they are harmless to humans.
  • The whale shark from Vashj'ir briefly appears in a WoW commercial,[4] in which Chuck Norris' hunter kills it in two hits.
  • The whale shark swimming animation has it move its tail up and down, rather than side to side as vertical caudal fins are designed to be used (and as they do in real life).


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

A blue post indicates that whale sharks eat whales, which may be the in-universe source of their name.


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