What's Happening to the Blackwood Furbolg?

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AllianceWhat's Happening to the Blackwood Fulbolg?
Start Foriel Broadleaf
End Elder Brolg
Level 19 (Requires 17)
Category Darkshore
Experience 150
Next A [19] The Bear's Paw


Speak with Elder Brolg at Blackwood Hold.


Our ancestors lived alongside the Blackwood furbolgs for generations. But recently, we have lost contact with their settlements deeper in the forest. One of their larger villages, Blackwood Hold, can be found to the south.

Travel there and find Elder Brolg. Ask him why his people have withdrawn from us and offer your help, if necessary.


Why have you come here, outsider?

<You tell the elder that you were sent by Foriel Broadleaf at the Grove of the Ancients. He seems to relax slightly.>

The elf is right. The forces of Felwood have seeped into Darkshore and sickened my people.



  1. A [19] What's Happening to the Blackwood Fulbolg? (breadcrumb)
  2. A [19] The Bear's Paw
  3. A [19] The Bear's Blessing
  4. A [19] Cleansing the Afflicted
  5. A [19] The Defiler

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