Not to be confused with N [20-35] What's Yours Is Mine or N [10-35] What's Mined Is Yours.
NeutralWhat's Yours is Mined
Start Toki
End Toki
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Reputation +75 Storm's Wake
+75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards Money, XP
Previous N [30-50] I Like Turtles
Next N [30-50] Battle Victorious


Collect 10 Sea Mines


During a visit to Pandaria, I witnessed the citizens of Halfhill defeat attacking hozen by flinging the hozen's excrement back at them.

The hozen were unprepared to face the wrath of their own weaponry used against them. A similar strategy can be applied here. We will gather Venture Co. Sea Mines and use them against the invaders.

You hook ropes to each mine, and Ai'twen and I will haul them up.


You will receive:


Excellent work, <name>. Our plan is coming together nicely.


Pick up N [30-50] Deep Sea Venture and N [30-50] Breaker Bad before heading out.

On accept:

Toki says: Ai'twen and I will meet you at the Venture Company's minefield.


Toki says: I see many mines to choose from.
Toki says: These mines weren't built to detect turtles! We can gather them safely.
Toki says: Between Ai'twen's strong back, my brilliant strategy, and your dauntless determination, we're undefeatable.
Toki says: Perfection, <name>! We have more than enough mines to strike against the Venture Company.


Optional breadcrumb at Deadwash: A [30-50] A Turtle's Invitation

  1. N [30-50] Cleaning Bills & N [30-50] Swimming Lessons
  2. N [30-50] Cave of Ai'twen
  3. N [30-50] Flavorable Offering & N [30-50] Response Required
  4. N [30-50] I Like Turtles
  5. N [30-50] Deep Sea Venture & N [30-50] What's Yours is Mined
  6. N [30-50] Battle Victorious

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