NeutralWhat Is This Place?
Start Automatic
(Finkle Einhorn)
End Automatic
(Finkle Einhorn)
Level 30-35 (Requires 30)
Type Dungeon
Category Blackrock Caverns
Experience 69800
Rewards 32g 80s
Previous N [30-35D] To the Chamber of Incineration!
Next N [30-35D] The Twilight Forge


Kill Corla, Herald of Twilight.


<Finkle's helm gives you a slight jolt.>

What is this place? It looks like they're doing something terrible to that nether dragon. The energy is being siphoned from the creature into that lady! We need to stop this ritual!

Kill Corla to get past this hall!


You will receive: 32g 80s


<Finkle's helm crackles with static.>

We haven't got much time. Raz looked injured. If we get to him in time there might be a chance that I can turn him back into a regular orc!

<You feel a sharp pain in the back of your head and hear the jingling of coins.>

Sorry about that. I figured I'd send through some gold - for your troubles and all that...


After killing Bonecrusher, keep progressing north through the hallway. At the entrance to Corla's room is an exclamation point hovering above the floor. Get close to it and Einhorn will radio in with this quest automatically.

See Corla, Herald of Twilight's article for tactics and strategy on defeating her.

The quest completes automatically upon Corla's death. The next quest, N [30-35D] The Twilight Forge, will be offered automatically upon reaching the entrance to the Twilight Forge.


Optional breadcrumb: N [30-35D] This Can Only Mean One Thing...

  1. N [30-35D] To the Chamber of Incineration!
  2. N [30-35D] What Is This Place?
  3. N [30-35D] The Twilight Forge
  4. Both these quests open up:

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