NeutralWhat Might Have Been
Start Prophet Velen
End Prophet Velen
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Eredath
Reputation +75 Argussian Reach
Rewards 9g 70s
Previous N [45] Flanking Maneuvers
N [45] Talgath's Forces
Next N [45] Across the Universe


Witness Velen's memory.

  • Talk to Velen


<Velen continues to stare at the statue as he speaks.>

Thousands of years ago, when I was young, I made a choice.

A choice that allowed my world to fall to ruin. A choice that made my people exiles. A choice that forever separated me from my beloved brothers.

<Velen shakes his head.>

I cannot leave, not yet. Not until I have had a chance to reflect.


You will receive:


Memory roots me in place, more surely than the heaviest stone.


<Prophet Velen peers solemnly at you.>

Thank you.


Let me show you what I have done. Perhaps, then, I can make peace with it at long last.
Gossip Show me.
At Kil'jaeden's Terrace thousands years ago, Sargeras appears in his uncorrupted form to Archimonde, Velen, and Kil'jaeden.
Sargeras says: Swear loyalty to me, pledge the hearts of your people to my cause.
Sargeras says: I will transform you, granting knowledge beyond imagining and might beyond measure.
The view shifts to show Velen turn his head to look at Archimonde, already nodding and smiling. Velen then looks at an expressionless Kil'jaeden. The view shifts back to Sargeras.
Sargeras says: Together, we will become Legion, and defeat the hungering void that would consume us all.
With the meeting concluded, the three walk together to discuss the matter.
Archimonde says: It is little enough to ask, for what he offers us.
Kil'jaeden says: Such power... And he speaks the truth.
Velen stops walking, but the other two continue on without noticing.
Prophet Velen says: I had hoped the others would sense the darkness behind Sargeras's words.
Prophet Velen says: But they were blinded by their vanity... their hunger for power.
The scene changes to show Velen communing with a bright crystal.
Prophet Velen says: The ata'mal crystal soon showed me the horrible truth of what would come to pass if we accepted the titan's offer.
The view shifts to show images of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde.
Prophet Velen says: We would be transformed not into wise leaders, but into hateful monsters.
The images of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde warp into their fel-corrupted forms. It's at this point that the memory ends.
Quest completion
A Legion portal appears at the front of the Terrace, and a familiar face shows himself.
Talgath yells: Make way. I will deal with this myself.
High Exarch Turalyon says: He's here.



  • Archimonde and Kil'jaeden's lines in the cutscene are direct quotes from Rise of the Horde.


  1. N [45] We Have a Problem (Must complete N [45] Where They Least Expect It before you can pick up)
  2. N [45] A Non-Prophet Organization & N [45] Wrath of the High Exarch & N [45] Overt Ops
  3. N [45] Flanking Maneuvers & N [45] Talgath's Forces
  4. N [45] What Might Have Been
  5. N [45] Across the Universe
  6. N [45] Shadow of the Triumvirate
  7. N [45] The Seat of the Triumvirate
  8. N [45] Whispers from Oronaar & N [45] Arkhaan's Prayers
  9. N [45] The Pulsing Madness & N [45] Arkhaan's Pain
  10. N [45] Arkhaan's Plan
  11. N [45] Arkhaan's Peril
  12. N [45] Throwing Shade
  13. N [45] Sources of Darkness & N [45] The Shadowguard Incursion
  14. N [45] A Vessel Made Ready
  15. N [45] A Beacon in the Dark (grants  [You Are Now Prepared!])
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  • Legion Patch 7.3.0 (2017-08-29): Added.
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