AllianceWhat We Don't Know...
Start Exarch Admetius
End Exarch Admetius
Level 1-30
Category Bloodmyst Isle
Experience 1150
Previous A [1-30] What We Know...
Next A [1-30] Vindicator's Rest


Speak to a Captured Sunhawk Agent at Blood Watch and recover Sunhawk Information. Return to Exarch Admetius when the task is complete.

  • Sunhawk Information Recovered


Our attempts at interrogation have failed miserably, <name>. Torture is - of course - out of the question. What we need is a <race> on the inside.

I can cast a spell upon you that would make you appear blood elf and adjust your language. Through subterfuge, we may be able to get the information we need out of the captured agent.

Under this guise, I want you to get whatever information you can out of the prisoner.

And <name>, do not leave Blood Watch while disguised as the spell will fail.


Do not return until you have succeeded!


A-ha! Well done, <name>. Well done, indeed. Are you ready to eradicate the blood elf menace from our island forever?


Inv datacrystal12.png
  • Exarch's Enchantment
  • Disguised as a blood elf
  • Duration: 10 minutes

Upon accepting this quest you are given the buff File:Inv datacrystal12.png.png [Exarch's Enchantment]. In this form you can speak Thalassian. If you lose it, just speak to Admetius again.

Gossip I need the illusion cast upon me again, Admetius.

Conversation with the Sunhawk

<The captured Sunhawk agent eyes you suspiciously.>
I've never seen you before. Who are you?

Gossip I'm a prisoner, what does it look like? The draenei filth captured me as I exited the sun gate. They killed our portal controllers and destroyed the gate. The Sun King will be most displeased with this turn of events.

<The captured Sunhawk agent smirks.>
Don't worry, new blood, there are many more portal controllers, and many more suitable locations for portals. I am certain that Sironas will have a new gate up very soon. These blue skinned dogs are not long for this world. Sironas and the abomination will clean up whatever the Sunhawk forces leave behind.

Gossip Ah yes, Sironas. I had nearly forgoten that Sironas was here. I served under Sironas back on Outland. I hadn't heard of this abomination though; those damnable draenei captured me before I even fully materialized on this world.

It was Sironas' idea... The abomination is actually one of their own. He is a high ranking member of the draenei military order: Triumvirate or some such nonsense.
Whatever that thing is, it's massive, powerful, and full of rage. Any attacks against the Vector Coil will most certainly result in failure as long as that abomination is around.

Gossip Incredible. How did Sironas accomplish such a thing?

Sironas claims that certain eredar possess the ability to transform others of their race into man'ari: Savage demonic beings. Draenei were supposedly once eredar and Sironas is a powerful eredar.
<The agent laughs.>
Can you believe it? These pathetic creatures were once all-powerful demons. What kind of fool rejects such power?

Gossip Sironas is an eredar... I mean, yes, obviously.

Obviously. How else could she infiltrate their ranks and pass as a draenei? She has been living among them for a very long time.

Gossip The Vector Coil is massive. I hope we have more than one abomination guarding the numerous weak points.

Numerous? It has two weak points: The base of the structure on the west side and the base of the structure on the east side. Hey, wait a minute. How would you know anything about the Vector Coil? Didn't you say that you were captured before you even materialized?

Gossip I did and you believed me. Thank you for the information, blood elf. You have helped us more than you could know.

Captured Sunhawk Agent says: Treacherous whelp! Sironas will destroy you and your people!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. A [1-30] What We Know...
  2. A [1-30] What We Don't Know...
  3. A [1-30] Vindicator's Rest
  4. A [1-30] Clearing the Way

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