HordeWhat We Got
Start Gazlowe [52.5, 53.4]
End Gazlowe [52.5, 53.4]
Level 10-40
Category Garrison Support
Experience 18150
Rewards 125x [Garrison Resources]
11g 40s
Previous H [10-40] Establish Your Garrison
Next H [10-40] Build Your Barracks


Have Skaggit get the peons working, investigate your Garrison Cache, and find Senior Peon II.


Every fortress needs three things.

One: peons! Find Skaggit and have him get our peons back to work.

Two: Building materials. I had the peons set up a cache for you where they will store resources they create while you are away. You should check it out.

And three: raw experienced muscle! Constructing buildings in a garrison can take some time but I think we can speed up your first building by hiring Skaggit's recently promoted Senior Peon II. Find him and tell him I sent ya.


You will receive: 125x [Garrison Resources] and 11g 80s


If buildin' a stronghold were easy, everybody'd be doin it.


Yeah, that's the stuff. Lumber, peons, more peons. It's like we are building you a stronghold or something.


  • 18150 XP


Skaggit and the Peons

Sena and Pleeb

Pick up H [10-40] What We Need from Gazlowe and H [10-40] The Ogron Live? from Rokhan before heading out.

In the medium plot to the east, next to the empty large plot, find Lady Sena and Mr. Pleeb right by the Garrison Cache. Lady Sena has this to say:

BOLD! Is that what this plot says to you, commander? No! It does not! But then this is why I was hired.
Using the small plots we can build a striking array of structures like... an apothecary! Yes, an apothecary. Or perhaps a smithy or a workshop.
If we use the large plots, we could outfit you with a barracks for your troops that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and sleep into the faces of your soldiers.
The sky is the limit, as is the width and length.

Interact with the cache to bring the player's total supply of [Garrison Resources] up to an even 1000.

Lady Sena says: Be sure to check back for more resources later, commander. The peons will keep putting them in this chest while you are away.

Exit the garrison to the southwest. Just outside, Skaggit is standing near a bunch of sleeping, lazy Frostwolf Peons:

Commander, your pack of peons awaits your orders.
Gossip Get the peons back to work.
Skaggit says: You got it. One fully armed and operational army of motivated peons coming right up.
Skaggit runs around smacking all of the peons, who quickly get to their feet and start working.

Loop around to the north exit of the Garrison to find Senior Peon II by a bonfire.

Something need doing?
Gossip Gazlowe needs you.

Lady Sena's Other Materials Stash

Before turning in, stay outside the garrison walls and get to the southeast side of camp. Hidden among the trees is Lady Sena's Other Materials Stash, worth 30-40 [Garrison Resources] and a decent chunk of XP.


Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.


  1. H [10-40] The Home of the Frostwolves
  2. H [10-40] A Song of Frost and Fire
  3. H [10-40] Of Wolves and Warriors
  4. H [10-40] For the Horde!
  5. Complete all of:
  6. H [10-40] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. H [10-40] Build Your Barracks
  9. H [10-40] We Need An Army
  10. H [10-40] Winds of Change
  11. H [10-40] Mission Probable

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