What We Know...

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AllianceWhat We Know...
Start Vindicator Aesom
End Exarch Admetius
Level 20 (Requires 18)
Category Bloodmyst Isle
Experience 160
Next A [20] What We Don't Know...


Speak to Exarch Admetius at Blood Watch.


We've learned much of our enemies in recent days. The blood elves are led by a being known as Sironas and plot to destroy us. Ultimately, they seek to enslave O'ros and regain control of the Exodar.

Light be praised, we have stopped their supply line by destroying the sun gate. Unfortunately, they continue to use the contaminant of the Vector Coil to poison the land, using the mutagenic properties of the fallout to their advantage.

With this knowledge, Admetius has devised a plan. Seek him out.


I am in need of your services, <name>. I have a plan to topple the entire Sunhawk army, but before we can progress, we need to gather some vital information.

We need to identify the weaknesses in their primary defense. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get close enough to the Vector Coil to gauge their defenses. If we could get the prisoner to talk, we could get the information that we needed to break through the line and destroy the Vector Coil.

You heard me, I want to blow the damned thing up.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. A [20] What We Know...
  2. A [20] What We Don't Know...
  3. A [20] Vindicator's Rest
  4. A [20] Clearing the Way

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