What the Bony Xuk?

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HordeWhat the Bony Xuk?
Start Bony Xuk [46.2, 55.0]
End Bony Xuk [46.2, 55.0]
Level 93 (Requires 92)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 14100
Rewards Item level 534 necklaces
18g 90s
Previous H [93] Is This One of Yours?
Next H [93] Xuk It!


Collect 25 Goren Crystals from Longtooth Gorgers.


Good to see your bones are still intact, <name>. Xuk's too.

When you set off into the heart of the canyon, Xuk came to offer my services. Xuk not letting you take all of the skulls!

Xuk will share with you powerful spirit magics my clan has passed down for many generations. While Xuk make preparations, you must gather the reagents.

First, we'll need crystals from husks of goren corpses. You can find their bodies in the canyon.


You will receive one of:

Item level 534 necklaces
Inv misc necklace 6 0 011.png [Xuk's Good Xuk Charm] Inv misc necklace 6 0 013.png [Laughing Skull Trophy Necklace]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 039.png [Xuk's Spirit-Speaking Chain] Inv misc necklace 6 0 007.png [Xuk's Fingerbone Pouch]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 028.png [Xuk's Bad Xuk Charm]

You will also receive: 18g 90s


Laughing Skull have some dirty tricks behind our masks.


Yes... we don't need their bones, but we do need their crystals.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up H [93] Xuk Me, Right?, N [93] Bad at Breaking, and N [93] Nisha's Vengeance before heading out.

Head southwest into Drywind Gorge, killing goren and looting their crystals all the way.


  1. B [93] Rage and Wisdom
  2. Complete both:
  3. B [93] We Have Company
  4. N [93] Cauterizing Wounds
  5. Complete both:
  6. B [93] Is This One of Yours?
  7. Complete all of:
  8. A [93] What's Under There? / H [93] Xuk It!
  9. Complete all of:
  10. N [93] Eye in the Sky
  11. B [93] Chains of Iron

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