HordeWhat the Wind Carries
Start Thrall
End Thrall
Level 60 (Requires 56)
Category Orgrimmar
Experience 650
Previous For The Horde!
Next H [60] The Champion of the Horde


Listen to Thrall speak.


It is good to see you again, <name>. The wind carries with it news from the Eastern Kingdom.

Sit, listen.


You will receive:

  • 650 XP


Patience, <name>. Pay attention!


Are you prepared to take on this task?


Speaking with Thrall
Gossip Please share your wisdom with me, Warchief.
The Shattered Hand has been able to place spies throughout the upper citadel of Blackrock. Though the information gathering process has been slow, we have made discoveries that cannot be ignored.
Gossip What discoveries?
It would appear as if the influence of the Black Dragonflight had extended beyond the borders of the Burning Steppes and into the kingdom of Stormwind itself! The usurper has since been unmasked and ousted.
Gossip Usurper?
Indeed. The brood mother of the Black Dragonflight had used illusion and trickery to disguise herself as a member of the royal court. Worse yet, she had assumed control of the current Highlord of Stormwind, Bolvar Fordragon.
It is no wonder that such foolish military decisions had been made. The movement of Alliance forces as of late had left us scratching our heads. We now understand that the Black Flight was attempting to divide the empire - destroy it from within.
Gossip With all due respect, Warchief - why not allow them to be destroyed? Does this not strengthen our position?
<Thrall laughs.>
So much to learn still, <race>.
You are too young to remember the wars and bloodshed of ages past. Too young to remember the burden of the curse carried by our people.
Our position with the Alliance right now is a tenuous one. Skirmishes and smaller battles do take place, but there is peace - something our people have not known for millennia. Would you give this up and plunge us into the maw of chaos again but against a new foe? One that will not rest until we are destroyed?
Gossip I... I did not think of it that way, Warchief.
No, <name>, you did not. I do not fault you, however, as yours is a mind much like mine was as a youth: Impetuous, rebellious, and often without a single coherent thought! Traits I can no longer afford to express.
Enough lamenting. <Race>, I have a task for you; one that you may not survive.
Gossip I live only to serve, Warchief! My life is empty and meaningless without your guidance.
<Thrall laughs.>
Noted... Now pay attention, <name>. The Black Dragonflight brood mother, Onyxia, has been flushed out from her position of power in Stormwind. She has escaped, fleeing to her lair in Dustwallow Marsh.
She cannot be allowed to live in such close proximity to our capital cities. We must strike before being struck!
I want her destroyed, <race>.
Gossip Of course, Warchief!


This quest was a part of the Onyxia's Lair attunement chain.

  1. H [60D] Warlord's Command
  2. H [60] Eitrigg's Wisdom
  3. H [60R] For The Horde!
  4. H [60] What the Wind Carries
  5. H [60] The Champion of the Horde
  6. H [60] Mistress of Deception
  7. H [60R] Oculus Illusions
  8. H [60R] Emberstrife
  9. H [60] The Test of Skulls, Axtroz
  10. H [60] Ascension...
  11. H [60R] Blood of the Black Dragon Champion

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