When Archaeology Attacks

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AllianceWhen Archaeology Attacks
Start Prospector Whelgar [38.8, 39.0]
End Prospector Whelgar [38.8, 39.0]
Level 23 (Requires 21)
Category Wetlands
Experience 1850
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards 15s
Previous A [23] Whelgar's Retreat (breadcrumb)
Next A [23] The Angerfang Menace


Collect 20 Fossilized Bones from Living Fossils.


Listen, <lad/lass>, any good archaeologists know the risks that come with the job. If you don't unearth an ancient evil or get cursed by wicked spirits at least once in your career, you're not digging up anything worthwhile!

No, the real archaeologists know that a little thing like fossilized bones reanimating into skeletal creatures is no reason to stop working.

I still need those fossil bones. Collect 'em from the fossil monsters roaming around and bring them back to me, and I'll reward you.


You will receive: 15s


Don't be coy about it, now! Bring back a good armful of 'em!


See? Not bad, eh? Why, I almost wish all my finds decided to dig themselves up for me. It'd make my job a lot easier!

Of course, you made it easier too, <name>. Much obliged.


Pick up A [23] Tooling Around and A [23] Strike the Earth! before leaving camp. Exit west down the path and make a left at the bottom to enter the excavation site. Kill earth elementals and kill and loot living fossils while collecting sparkly toolboxes off the ground.


  1. A [23] Swiftgear Station (optional breadcrumb from Menethil Harbor)
  2. A [23] Dinosaur Crisis
  3. A [23] The Mosshide Job
  4. A [23] Dark Iron Trappers & A [23] Gnoll Escape
  5. A [23] Yorla Darksnare
  6. A [23] Whelgar's Retreat (optional breadcrumb to Whelgar's Retreat)
  7. A [23] When Archaeology Attacks & A [23] Tooling Around & A [23] Strike the Earth!
  8. A [23] The Angerfang Menace
  9. A [24] Who Wards The Greenwarden (optional breadcrumb to Greenwarden's Grove)

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