When Plants Attack

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HordeWhen Plants Attack
Start Lane Tallgrass [44.4, 33.3]
End Lane Tallgrass [44.4, 33.3]
Level 31 (Requires 29)
Category Southern Barrens
Experience 2,540
Reputation +250 Thunder Bluff
Rewards 30s
Next H [31] A Curious Bloom


Rescue 5 Taurajo Refugees by killing the Grasping Overgrowths that ensnare them.


This camp was built at the edge of this jungle, and already it is overwhelmed by plant growth. Something unnatural is happening here!

Earlier I made the mistake of sending some of the healthier refugees out to gather nuts and berries. Those that returned talked about the plant life actually grasping at their legs or even picking them up. I worry about those that haven't come back yet.

<Class>, please rescue the refugees trapped in the grasping overgrowth around the camp.


You will receive: 30s


Be careful out there. The plants and animals of this jungle are outside of the natural order.


Thank you, <name>. But now on to the larger question:

Where is this overgrowth coming from? And why is it raging out of control?


  1. H [31] Signals in the Sky (from Hunter's Hill)
  2. H [30] Bad to Worse
    1. H [31] When Plants Attack
    2. H [31] A Curious Bloom (to the Overgrown Camp)
  3. H [32] Speaking Their Language
  4. H [32] A Family Divided (to Vendetta Point)

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