Where's Wizzle?

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AllianceWhere's Wizzle?
Start Rizzle Brassbolts [78.0, 73.3]
End Wizzle Brassbolts [91.6, 78.5]
Level 41
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 460
Rewards 55s
Previous B [40] Circle the Wagons... er, Boats
Next Sunken Treasure


Find Wizzle Brassbolts at the Southsea Holdfast in Thousand Needles.


Hey, <name>, you haven't seen my other brother, Wizzle, have you?

I just know that the pirates captured him! He said that he was going to try to sell them some engineering stuff, or something?

Would you please look for him up at the Southsea Holdfast to the east? I'll bet that no-good goblin he's always traveling with, Synge, got him into trouble!


You will receive: 55s


Hey! Get me out of here!


Before heading out, search the ship and pick up all of B [41] Quiet the Cannons, B [41] A Little Payback, B [41] Negotiations and B [41] Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp. Hop on the river boat and head northeast to the Southsea Holdfast, then start killing pirates to get up top. On the plateau, simply interact with the cannons to take them out. Keep an eye out for Wizzle, who is locked in a cage at [91.6, 78.5] north of the middle bunker.


  1. A [41] Where's Wizzle?/H [41] Where's Synge?
  2. B [41] Sunken Treasure
  3. B [42] Two-Tusk Takedown
  4. N [41] Haunted
  5. N [42] With a Little Help...
  6. N [42] Carcass Collection
  7. N [42] The Mad Magus

Patch changes


While waiting to be rescued, Wizzle and Synge go back and forth on occasion:

  • Wizzle Brassbolts says: Um, pirates, my brothers are going to be very worried about me going missing. Maybe you could let me go? Rizzle has a drinking problem and Fizle has a problem with his blood pressure!
  • Wizzle Brassbolts says: Pirate friends, listen. I'm not with this Synge character. Let me assure you that if you let me out of this cage, I'll be the best engineer you've ever had. I mean, really, have you seen the accuracy of your cannons? So close, yet soooooo far away!
Synge says: I'm going to throttle you as soon as I get out of here, Wizzle!

Or some one-liners:

  • Synge says: Who's there? Let me out! Let me out before these stinking pirates decide to put me on a spit and make green eggs and ham from me!
  • Synge says: Someone get me out of this cage!!!
  • Synge says: I had a good thing going here. Was going to sell these pirates a bunch of rifles and make a fortune! But no! Wizzle had to tag along and try to sell them his cheap engineering parts. Blew up a few of their cannons and my rifles in the process! We're doomed!
  • Synge says: Wizzle, you idiot! Everything would have been fine if you'd just kept your mouth shut!
  • Synge says: Would someone please do something about these cannons? I can't think straight here!24432gen23322
  • Synge says: Hay, you pirates?! Come on now, stop kidding around. Let me out of here and I'll get you all a brand new delivery of rifles just as soon as I can get them from the Speedbarge!
  • Synge says: On behalf of the Bilgewater Cartel, allow me to offer a very generous reward to the first person that gets me free of this cage! Of course, standard contractual stipulations apply, but don't worry about the fine print. Just get me out of here!

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