NeutralWhere Dragons Rule
Start Vethir
End Thrymjaris
Level 10-45
Category Stormheim
Experience 15,050
Reputation +150 Valarjar
Rewards Artifact Relic
15g 40s
Shareable Yes
Previous N [10-45] Heart of a Dragon, N [10-45] Wings of Liberty, N [10-45] Fury of the Storm
Next N [10-45] Cry Thunder!


Speak to Vethir to fly to the top of Thorim's Peak.

  • Fly to the top of Thorim's Peak
  • Speak to Thrymjaris


Thanks to your help, Thrymjaris was able to escape the clutches of that vile demon. She bid me wait for you, so that I could take you to her once you had finished dispatching your foes.

She has gathered our brood at the top of Thorim's Peak to prepare for a counterattack.

Would you join us?


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You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Specs Artifact Relic
Vengeance Fire  [Thrymjaris' Grace],  [Erratic Stormforce]
Feral Guardian Marksmanship Shadow AfflictionArms Protection  [Drekirjar Lifeblood],  [Crystallized Tideskorn Cruelty]
Retribution Enhancement Demonology Destruction  [Hrydshal Forgeflame],  [Thrymjaris' Fury]
Arcane  [Thorim's Peak Snowcap],  [Drekirjar Jarl's Disdain]
Survival Windwalker Protection Assassination Outlaw  [Sigil of Hrydshal],  [Storm-Charged Lodestone]
Balance Mistweaver Holy Holy Restoration  [Stormborn Courage],  [Hrydshal Weald]
Blood Frost Unholy Havoc Discipline  [Azariah's Last Moments],  [Shade of Thorim's Peak]
Brewmaster Windwalker Elemental Fury  [Breath of Vethir],  [Thorignir Slipstream]

You will also receive:

  • 15g 40s (at level 100)
  • 15,050 XP (at level 100)
  • +150 reputation with the Valarjar


You are truly a hero to my brood.

You have gained a powerful ally today, outsider. The God-King has reason to fear you.


Talk to Vethir:

When you have finished your business here, speak to me and I will fly you to the summit.
Once we leave, we may not return.

Gossip Fly me to the summit, Vethir.

Vethir says: The Drekirjar have upset our ancient pact.
Vethir says: It is time they face the consequences.

Talk to Thrymjaris:

Before we proceed, I would like to bestow upon you a gift of the Thorignir.
Raise your artifact, outsider, and brace yourself. This may prove uncomfortable for your kind.

Gossip I am prepared to receive your gift.

Thrymjaris says: Even as someone not of this land, you chose to save us from a wretched fate.
Thrymjaris says: You have passed the Trial of Will, and you have also gained an ally.
Thrymjaris says: Hold aloft your weapon, outsider. Accept the power of storm and thunder as a gift for your selfless acts.
Removed rewards


  1. B [10-45] Will of the Thorignir
  2. B [10-45] A Grapple a Day
  3. B [10-45] No Wings Required & B [10-45] To Weather the Storm
  4. B [10-45] Impalement Insurance
  5. B [10-45] Another Way
  6. B [10-45] Above the Winter Moonlight
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [10-45] Where Dragons Rule
  9. N [10-45] Cry Thunder!

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