HordeWhere He Died
Start Spirit of Vol'jin
End Spirit of Vol'jin
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 17,850
Reputation +250 Zandalari Empire
+250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [50] To Orgrimmar
Next H [50] The Lies of a Loa


Walk the shadows with Vol'jin.


Dis time, I need to bring ya to my side.

We gonna walk da shadows between life and death, see if we can't uncover some clues.

Be careful, <name>, and be armed. Not everything on dis side wants us to find answers.

Prepare yourself, den speak with me when ya be ready.


You will receive:


I not be scared away so easily. What dey gonna do, kill me again?


Dis be leavin' me with much to ponder.



Speak with Vol'jin

So many turned out for me funeral. So many died to da Burning Legion.

Come, hero. Let us be lookin' to see what we can find. Let me know when ya be ready. I gonna bring ya with me on a walk through da shadows.

Gossip Ready.

Follow Vol'jin in the Shadowlands and defeat the Shades blocking the way to Grommash Hold. Vol'jin is a Restless Spirit to other players in the shadow realm. The player has buff called Walking the Shadows (adrift between life and death.)

Spirit of Vol'jin says: I remember dyin'. I remember glimpsin' da Other Side.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: I was expectin' ta see ol' Bwonsamdi, or Shadra, or Hir'eek... any of da loa.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Dere was a presence. Somethin' movin' in da shadows. Somethin' powerful.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: I remember it takin' me somewhere, but da memory of where be hidden from me. Ta keep me from sharin' da truth...
Vol'jin walks into the Hold. Apparitions of important Horde figures were gathering in the throne room, reproducing the scene of Vol'jin's death.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Da truth dat it might not be da loa who wanted Sylvanas to be warchief, but somethin' far more powerful.
The apparitions disappear, except Vol'jin's Memory of Death, fel-poisoned, sitting on the throne.


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