HordeWhere He Fell
Start Spirit of Vol'jin
End Spirit of Vol'jin
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 17,850
Reputation +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Zandalari Empire
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Fragment] (500 [Azerite])
23g 40s
Previous To the Broken Shore
Next H [50] To Orgrimmar


Search the Screaming Cliffs with the Spirit of Vol'jin.

  • Lost Memory found
  • Lost Memory found
  • Lost Memory found
  • Lost Memory found


Dis be da spot, mon. Dis be where da Legion led our forces into a trap and drove a blade into me belly.

Sylvanas pulled me from da ruin of da battlefield. She saved da Horde dat day. Come, let us walk around dis place and see what we can learn from da echoes of da past.


You will receive:


In dis place, da only ting dat be quiet be da voices of da loa.


Somethin' was definitely helpin' our enemies dat day. But who or what could dat have been?

Da loa were silent and their powers were gone, as if I'd lost their favor.

With so much death, I be havin' one person in mind who might be behind it.


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Where He Fell 3.jpg

Search the Screaming Cliffs for Lost Memories with the Spirit of Vol'jin and Baine Bloodhoof, while Spiritwalker Ebonhorn continues casting his spell on the spot. Defeat Shades after each memory is found, except the first one.

First memory
Vol'jin, Thrall, Baine and Sylvanas were engaging several felguards.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Sometin' not be right dat day. Da demons, deir blades slipped past me guard.
Second memory
The four Horde leaders were fighting against the felguards.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: As if da loa demselves had forsaken me.
Two Shades manifest themselves and attack the searching team.
Shade says: The master demands your silence.
Third memory
The Horde leaders were losing the battle. Vol'jin was stabbed in the stomach.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Like dey be doin' now. Cannot hear dem, champion. Da voices of da loa be silent.
Another two Shades appear.
Fourth memory
Many felguards and three annihilan were running toward Sylvanas, who was taking Vol'jin away from the battlefield.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: I been callin' ta Bwonsamdi for a long time. He not be hearin' me... or he be choosin' not ta answer.
Three Shades come.



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