Whistle of the Ivory Raptor

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  • Whistle of the Ivory Raptor
  • Binds when picked up
  • Mount
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.
  • Horde Only
  • Requires Level 40
  • Requires Journeyman Riding
  • Sell Price: 2g 50s
Troll riding Ivory Raptor, which is summoned by the Whistle

The Whistle of the Ivory Raptor was a raptor mount available during vanilla World of Warcraft.


This mount has been replaced by swift mounts after patch 1.4 and is no longer obtainable in the game.

Mount Journal

Bred from the fiercest stock anywhere and guaranteed not to bite (much).



The  [Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor], made available during World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, greatly resembles the Ivory Raptor.

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