Whistlebloom Oasis

The Whistlebloom Oasis is nestled in a gorge immediately northwest of Atul'Aman in central Vol'dun.[41.4, 62] Wasps inhabit the oasis itself, while saurolisks roam the surrounding ridges and like to pounce on targets below.[1][2] A few riverbeasts are found in the oasis' central pool, along with the tablet  [Tales of de Loa: Akunda].

The Goldtusk Inn is nestled in a cave on the northeast side of the oasis.


In the oasis:

On the surrounding ridges:

Outside the Goldtusk Inn after completion of H [30-50] Powerful Spirits:

Dig site

The oasis is a Zandalari archaeology dig site.


  • An unreleased quest from the early Battle for Azeroth beta refers to the area as the Lost Mojo Oasis and describes it as having been invaded by sethrak.