Whistling Grove.

Whistling Grove[15, 36] is a small pocket of unscathed land located directly north of the Inferno (the Regrowth) in Mount Hyjal. Some creatures of the forest ran here seeking shelter, but now have become trapped as the flames approach. The fires drove the little bear cubs up the trees and can't get down.

Keeper Taldros ran through the flames of the Inferno from the Grove of Aessina to try and save the forest creatures. Taldros pacified the bears so they do not harm those trying to help.

Firelands Invasion

During the invasion core hounds invade the area along with the Regrowth.


  • The grove features a functional trampoline built by Taldros so the bear cubs could be safety tossed down from the trees.
  • Part of the Scourge base in the Battle for Mount Hyjal instance was located here.

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