Not to be confused with Wild Hunt (pet talent) or  [The Wild Hunt].
NeutralThe Wild Hunt
Main leader IconSmall Vorkai Male.gif Lord Herne
Secondary leaders IconSmall Vorkai Female.gif Hunt-Captain Korayn
Race(s) IconSmall Vorkai Male.gifIconSmall Vorkai Female.gif Vorkai
IconSmall Sylvar Male.gifIconSmall Sylvar Female.gif Sylvar
IconSmall Soulshape Wolf.gifIconSmall Soul.gif Soul
IconSmall Faerie.gif Faerie
Character classes Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Theater of operations Ardenweald
Affiliation Night Fae Covenant
Status Active

The Wild Hunt is a reputation faction in Ardenweald.

The Wild Hunt is stationed at various groves, such as Guardian Molan at Hibernal Hollow, Guardian Kota at Tirna Vaal, and Sorcha at Glitterfall Basin.[1] They are informed of what happens throughout Ardenweald by Watcher Vesperbloom.[2] Their duties are to defend and protect the groves of Ardenweald from enemies, which would normally be gorm[3] and spriggan suppression[4] but now include a Drust invasion and Mueh'zala's forces as well. They are not a standing army, and assembly of the Wild Hunt is a rarity in the history of the eternal forest.[5]

Faction description

Called to serve the Winter Queen in times of dire need, the Wild Hunt assembles the finest huntresses and hunters in all of Ardenweald. In the face of drought and peril, the Wild Hunt stands ready to defend the forest.





<Wild Hunt Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Floofa] 250 Polished Pet Charm Companion pet
Honored  [Crane Soul] 1,500 Reservoir Anima [Soulshape] appearance
 [Glitterwing Scarf] 231g 88s Back
 [Formula: Sacred Shard] 1,350g Enchanting Formula
 [Pattern: Heavy Desolate Armor Kit] 1,350g Leatherworking Pattern
Revered  [Faewoven Pack] 3,500 Reservoir Anima Cosmetic Back
 [Gamekeeper's Slippers] 227g 61s 34c Cloth Feet
 [Gametender's Bramblewards] 229g 26s 47c Leather Feet
 [Gametender's Wading Boots] 228g 43s 90c Mail Feet
 [Gametender's Muckstompers] 226g 78s 77c Plate Feet
 [Memory of Eonar] 1,100g Runecarver memory
 [Recipe: Eternal Cauldron] 1,765g Alchemy Recipe
 [Technique: Contract: The Wild Hunt] 1,765g Inscription Technique
Exalted  [Cycle-Tender's Pantaloons] 311g 90s 21c Cloth Legs
 [Tree-Scaler's Britches] 314g 13s 27c Leather Legs
 [Gormscale Leggings] 313g 1s 74c Mail Legs
 [Amber-Plated Legguards] 310g 78s 68c Plate Legs
 [Duskflutter Ardenmoth] 30,000g Mount
 [Illusion: Hunt's Favor] 1,250g Illusion
 [Tabard of the Wild Hunt] 250g Tabard


  • In the folklore of several European cultures, the Wild Hunt is a hunting party of supernatural beings like ghosts, fairies, or Valkyries that ride across the sky, often led by a named mythological or historical figure such as Herne the Hunter.

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