Wildseeds in the Tranquil Pools.

Wildseeds are where spirits of nature, referred to as Wild Gods,[1][2] rest inside of being prepared to be reborn to the world of the living from Ardenweald. They are assigned to specific groves of Dream trees ruled over by a Droman. They grow through being infused by animacones that grow in the area surrounding a given grove, looked after by caretakers and tenders of their grove.[3][4] Wildseeds are the purpose of Ardenweald.[5] Wildseeds can be striken with nightmares due to a violent death, which can usually be soothed either with anima infusion, songs, or confronting the nightmares from within the dreams of the spirit directly through a ritual in Dreamshrine Basin.[6][7][8] Wildseeds can rarely bond with the spirit of its caretaker, but it is a very rare occassion.

Recently the land has grown sick with a anima drought and has forced the Winter Queen to make hard choices over which groves to save and which to let go—losing beloved nature spirits in the process. With the drought weakening Ardenweald's guardians Drust invade from Thros to feed upon the dying groves and grow stronger with every wildseed that perishes.[9] Before the arrival of the adventurers, Tirna Noch had been culled of its seeds,[10] and upon the adventurers arrival Tirna Rowen is being culled of its seeds. Tirna Marwol had been culled long ago.[11] Expended and discarded wildseeds are thrown to Gormhive for the gorm to consume.[12]

Adventurers of the Night Fae Covenant in the Queen's Conservatory nurture wildseeds helping the souls of ancient deities return to life.[13] Many spirits of nature suffer within the Maw but anima alone cannot heal wounds inflicted by the Jailer and spirits plucked from his grasp must be planted anew in wildseeds and tended with care in this grove unlike any other.[14]

Wildseed Cradles are carts imbued with anima to hover over the ground to carry wildseeds.[15]


Known spirits in wildseeds

Revived spirits:

Lost spirit:


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As Cenarius revived in Ardenweald he would also have been in a wildseed.

In N [60] Parting Ways Ashamane, Hir'eek and Shadra are brought from the Maw to the care of the Winter Queen in Ardenweald and Vol'jin is given a chance by the Winter Queen to be reborn after some rest a path never before walked by a mortal soul, this will likely mean they could be put in wildseeds.

It's not clear how the Tirna grove dream trees generate animacones to feed the wildseeds, as all anima comes only from souls of dead mortals. Some have speculated all animals that die go to Ardenweald, and "lesser" or "normal" animals usually just become animacones to feed and revive the Wild Gods. Droman Tashmur in N [55] Spirits of the Glen mentions all mortal souls who arrive in Ardenweald give some of their anima in exchange for their [Soulshape], which may be how animacones are generated.