Wiley's Note

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  • Wiley's Note
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A hastily written note written by Wiley the Black for Gryan Stoutmantle."

Wiley's Note is a quest item provided for A [18] The Defias Brotherhood and A [18] The Defias Brotherhood. It was written by Wiley the Black for Gryan Stoutmantle as repayment for a favor. The note details what Wiley knows about the Defias Brotherhood's plans, and it must be brought first to Gryan in Westfall and then to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind.


Wiley's Note

Stoutmantle --

Some nerve sending a total stranger to discuss the Defias gang.  Once you saved my life and now you put it in great peril.

But I owe you.  The Defias Brotherhood is larger than you think.  Every mine from Westfall to Elwynn Forest is under their control.  Kobolds and Gnolls have been enlisted to do their dirty work.  They have goblins crafting metal monsters to place in the Westfall fields to prey on the superstitions of the local residents.

They have a vast underground network built.  Bigger than you know, Stoutmantle.  From Booty Bay right to Stormwind Keep.  You may be a brave Paladin but you are a fool if you think you can shut them down.  They are working on a weapon of mass destruction.  After all, if there's one thing Stonemasons know, it's how to build big.  You didn't think this was about pumpkin farms and vineyards, now did you?  I repaid your favor.  Now leave me be!

-- W

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