Windy Cloud

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An engineer ready to extract a Windy Cloud

Windy Cloud can occur in Nagrand. It can be harvested by engineers using a  [Zapthrottle Mote Extractor], turning them into varying amounts of  [Mote of Air].


Windy Clouds do not wander around quite as much as the other gas clouds. However, some approximate location information may be helpful.

Some locations where Windy Clouds have been located in the past:

  • The floating islands east and south of Halaa. (Note that some of these are unreachable due to being too far away from the island) [Note: as of patch 2.4.2 most, if not all of these spawns, have been fixed to be reachable, but also has led to more being out of reach. As of 5-27-08 at least 6 spawns have been found to be unreachable]
  • All around the Ring of Trials.
  • South and North East of Oshu'Gun in the Spirit Fields.
  • There is one that travels between Nesingwary Safari and a small floating island above it.

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