Wings Over Mount Hyjal

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NeutralWings Over Mount Hyjal
Start Tiala Whitemane [63.3, 21.5]
End Choluna [44.4, 46.2]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 2750
Reputation +10 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 78s
Previous N [81] Return to Nordrassil
Next N [81] An Offering for Aviana, N [81] The Wormwing Problem, N [81] Scrambling for Eggs


Locate Choluna at the Shrine of Aviana in Mount Hyjal.


<Name>, is it true you're going to try to commune with the ancients?

Southwest of here is the Shrine of Aviana, the matron of all flying creatures. It's the home of my favorite instructor, Choluna. I've never encountered one who was so deeply in touch with the spirits of this world. You could learn a lot from her!

The recent attacks have isolated the shrine. But it's easily accessible from the air - look for the second biggest tree on Hyjal. Good luck!


You will receive: 78s


Oh, you were sent here by Tiala? A wonderful student, she'll do many great things.

Altough I sense even greater potential from you.

Please, stay a while in our shrine. There's much to do, but you can't accomplish anything with a troubled mind.


This is one of the two breadcrumbs to the Shrine of Aviana. The other is N [81] Aviana's Legacy, offered by the Vision of Ysera upon the conclusion of B [81] Return from the Firelands at the Shrine of Goldrinn.

The Shrine is due south of the Verdant Thicket. Choluna is on the bottom floor of the tree all the way in the back. The Shrine is a fully-fledged town with innkeeper, flight master and vendors. Also just inside is Thisalee Crow, who offers N [81] The Wormwing Problem and N [81] Scrambling for Eggs


  1. N [81] Wings Over Mount Hyjal or N [81] Aviana's Legacy
    • Aviana
    1. N [81] An Offering for Aviana
    2. N [81] A Plea From Beyond
    3. N [81] A Prayer and a Wing
    • Harpies
    1. N [81] The Wormwing Problem / N [81] Scrambling for Eggs
    2. N [81] A Bird in Hand
  2. N [81] Fact-Finding Mission
  3. N [81] Sethria's Demise
  4. N [81] Return to the Shrine
  5. N [81] An Ancient Reborn
  6. N [81] The Hatchery Must Burn
  7. N [81] Flight in the Firelands
  8. N [81] Wave One
  9. N [81] Wave Two
  10. N [81] Egg Wave
  11. N [81] Return to Aviana

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