NeutralWinter's Sigil
Start Winter Queen [45.2, 65.0]
End Ysera [45.0, 65.6]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Rewards  [Starblossom Nectar]
 [Emblem of Renown]
25g 74s
Previous N [60] The Power of Elune
Next N [60] Inform the Primus

Winter's Sigil concludes the seventh chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign, "The Power of Night", though there is a breadcrumb back to Korthia next. The penultimate chapter begins back at Keeper's Respite in Korthia at [Renown] 56, with Thenios offering N [60] A Paladin's Soul.


The Sisters' Tear

Bring the Sisters' Tear to Ysera at the Heart of the Forest.


My sister... After all this time... She did not abandon me...

<The barest hint of a smile graces the Winter Queen's face before it is gone. She turns her attention to you with the weight of eons.>

Attend me, <name>. Take my sister's tear, and come to the Heart of the Forest.


You will receive:


Well done.


<Ysera sighs, relieved.>

Such peace has returned to Ardenweald and to those who dwell within. My dear friend has been saved. I do not know what comes next, but I have hope.

This could not have been done without your help, <name>. Thank you.


On accept:

The Winter Queen teleports away.
Shandris Feathermoon says: Mother... Is it you?
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I am myself again.
Shandris Feathermoon says: What I have seen this day, I can scarcely believe.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I was present for every moment, and yet... outside myself. As much a witness as you were.
Shandris Feathermoon says: So much beauty in her voice. And sorrow as well. The tear...
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Was mine as much as hers.
Shandris Feathermoon says: The Winter Queen spoke of a purpose for the souls of our people. What did she mean?
Tyrande Whisperwind says: That, Elune did not tell me, daughter. Not yet.

As the Winter Queen teleports away, the Sisters' Tear appears in her place. Pick it up, then return to the Heart of the Forest and speak with Ysera:

<Ysera smiles warmly at you.>
Gossip <Hand the Sister's[sic] Tear to Ysera.>

A cutscene plays.

The Winter Queen, Khaliiq, the Stonewright, Thiernax, Moonberry, the Maw Walker, Ysera, Tyrande, and Shandris stand gathered in front of the withered Heart of the Forest.
Winter Queen says: Through drought and loss, Ardenweald suffered.
Winter Queen says: But together, we have saved our home from a terrible darkness.
Winter Queen says: With perseverance and kinship, hope is restored to our groves.
The Queen begins channeling energy into the Heart. Moonberry, Ysera, Thiernax (and the Maw Walker if they're a Night Fae) assist her.
Shandris Feathermoon says: And our hearts as well.
As the Queen and her servants finish their spell, the Heart is restored to its original form, sprouting new branches that reach for the ceiling.
Winter Queen says: Today, the forest's heart is made whole.
Night fae gather on the upper floors to watch the spectacle.
Winter Queen says: The cycle is renewed. Death and Life in harmony once more.
The sigil of the night fae appears in front of the Heart.
Winter Queen says: A new sigil arises to embody our covenant's future.
She turns to the Maw Walker.
Winter Queen says: My <Hunter/Huntress>, you have done well. You have the thanks of all Ardenweald. (Night Fae) / For all you have done, <name>, you have my thanks. (Non-Night Fae)

On the other side, speak with Ysera again to turn in.

Jandria, Astarii Starseeker, and Tyrande Whisperwind

After completing this quest, Night Fae Covenant players can head into the Heart proper and check in with Astarii Starseeker:

Gossip <Stay a while and listen.>
Tyrande Whisperwind walks up from the eastern entrance, taking about 30 seconds or so.
Astarii Starseeker says: High Priestess! Even in the depths of the Maw, I could feel your presence. I knew you would not abandon us.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Thank you, child... but I nearly did. I was so consumed by the fires of vengeance that I was blind to the ashes at our feet.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: I see now that while many of our people desire retribution, what we need most is renewal.
Astarii Starseeker says: As the new moon gives way to the full, as darkness recedes in the light.
Astarii Starseeker says: Be it as the Night Warrior or the High Priestess, I have faith in your leadership of the kaldorei.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Then I shall endeavor to be worthy of it. Watch over us from the boughs, Astarii. Elune-adore.
The Winter Queen listens quietly.
Tyrande walks away.

In addition, Tyrande has new gossip:

When I first became the Night Warrior, it was with full knowledge that I might very well sacrifice my life to attain justice for the kaldorei. Such is often the fate of those who channel Elune's unmitigated fury.
The power of the goddess still flows through me, but no longer does it threaten to tear me asunder. I cannot say how I will wield it in the future... only that I must do so for the good of my people.

To check whether Astarii's <Stay a while and listen.> gossip option was used the first time, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(64350))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, Astarii's <Stay a while and listen.> gossip option was used the first time; "false" indicates the opposite.


  1. N [60] A Cry From the Heart
  2. N [60] Hunting Amid Houses
  3. N [60] The Blade in the Night
  4. N [60] By Your Leave
  5. N [60] You Cannot Run, N [60] You Cannot Hide, N [60] You Can Only Die
  6. N [60] Akarek Avenged
  7. N [60] Magical Mystery Tour!
  8. N [60] Hunting Huln
  9. N [60] Mal'appropriated
  10. N [60] The Big Squeeze
  11. N [60] Out On the Edge
  12. N [60] Back to The Heart
  13. N [60] Rituals of Night
  14. N [60] The Power of Elune
  15. N [60] Winter's Sigil
  16. N [60] Inform the Primus

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