Wintergrasp Demolisher

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Wintergrasp Demolisher
Image of Wintergrasp Demolisher
Race Demolisher (Mechanical)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Wintergrasp, Northrend
Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.

The Wintergrasp Demolisher is the medium form of siege tank in Wintergrasp. It moves at normal foot-speed and is equipped with a battering ram and a catapult. Ideally used for attacking buildings rather than players.


You need the First Lieutenant buff to acquire one from a siege workshop, but there are no requirements needed to hop into one that was already made.

It can carry up to 3 players: 1 driver, 2 passengers.

  • The driver controls the movements, the battering ram and the catapult.
  • The 2 passengers stand on platforms each side of the demolisher (unlike in the Siege Engine, the passengers are able to use ranged abilities and spells while being protected from harm).

I suggest that nearby ranged players enter the demolisher to be protected, but this can make it hard as you don't control where the demolisher maneuvers so its up to you.

Demolishers are the best wall destroyers in terms of pegging walls before they break. most times siege tanks are the heavy focus, but the demolisher when it's focused on can still get at least 2 boulders off before breaking, giving the demolisher the best "suicide ram" tactic in my opinion.

In conclusion the demolisher is very good for attacking buildings, though its minimum range on the catapult means that it is ideal to go straight for buildings and ignore other players.


  • The battering-ram is able to knock back units in front of it, dealing about 3000 damage and hit buildings, the battering ram does a bit more damage than the Demolisher's catapult, though each weapon can fire while the other is on cooldown if you want to quickly destroy a wall.
    • The ram does 1500 Siege damage. This is second to the Siege Tank's 2000 Siege Damage Ram.
  • The Demolisher's catapult instant-cast throws a boulder at the ground. Unlike the Catapult's Plague Barrel this is instant, does more immediate damage and has greater range, though there is no DoT effect. This weapon has an annoyingly large minimum range, making fighting players a bit difficult.
    • The rock it shoots does 1000 Siege Damage while


Destroying one of these vehicles is a criterion of  Destruction Derby.

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