NeutralWintergrasp Fortress
Wintergrasp Fortress.jpg
Type Fortress
Affiliation(s) Titans, Horde, Alliance
Location Northern Wintergrasp[50.5, 20.5]
Status Active; contested

Wintergrasp Fortress is the primary objective for control of the Wintergrasp region. The fortress has two layers of walls — the outer wall with the fortress gates, and the inner wall protecting the keep. The fortress also has a siege workshop for the construction of siege weapons for the defense of the fortress, quest-givers, the Wintergrasp quartermaster, and the entrance to the Vault of Archavon.

The walls have anti-vehicle turret alcoves all around it, and there are anti-tank rocket launchers available near the fortress' siege workshop.

Tower Room

Atop a tower in the south-west corner of the innermost courtyard there is a room seemingly magical in nature. It seems to serve no purpose besides providing a hiding place.


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