Wintergrasp Siege Engine

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Wintergrasp Siege Engine
Image of Wintergrasp Siege Engine
Race Siege engine (Mechanical)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Wintergrasp, Northrend
Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.

The Wintergrasp Siege Engine is a siege vehicle. It is the heaviest form of siege weapon in Wintergrasp. It is quite slow moving and very slow turning and players running on foot can get in front of it pretty easily. Though what it lacks in speed and damage it makes up for in hitpoints, having a massive 85k of them.


You need the First Lieutenant buff to acquire one from a siege workshop, but there are no requirements needed to hop into one that was already made.

It can carry up to 4 players: 1 driver, 1 gunner and 2 passengers.

  • The driver controls the movements and the battering ram (at 2000 Siege Damage, this ram is more powerful than that on the Demolisher and is good for knocking down walls, though against other players/vehicles the Catapult's Flame Thrower still does more damage).
  • The gunner uses a 360 degree turret mounted on its back (will damage enemy vehicles and players for about 2000(?). They do roughly 1500 siege damage.
  • The 2 passengers can do nothing but be carried along (the passenger slots are more just to be protected by the Siege Engine).

Note that the Turret is infact considered a different unit mounted on top of the Siege Engine and can be hit separately, unless targeted specifically the turret usually dies when the Siege Engine reaches 20k life, I believe the Turret has somewhere around 40-50k life. Warning: If the Turret falls off DO NOT get into the turret slot again, you will not be protected by the Siege Engine and will take full damage.

It is strongly recommended that you not even attempt to attack the enemy without a gunner, you will be a big, slow moving target that can only hit back if it can spend the 3 seconds of turning to use the battering-ram.

In conclusion the siege engine is very good for attacking buildings, just make sure you have a few allies with you because a lone siege engine is just target practice.


Destroying one of these vehicles is a criterion of  Destruction Derby.

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