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HordeWinterhoof Cleansing
Start Mull Thunderhorn
End Mull Thunderhorn
Level 6 (Requires 4)
Experience 55-550
Previous Poison Water


Use the  [Winterhoof Cleansing Totem] at the Winterhoof Water Well, then return to Mull Thunderhorn.

I have crafted the totem to cleanse the Winterhoof Water Well. Now, you must take it to the well and perform a cleansing ritual. You will find it to the southeast, guarded by foul goblins!

This will not be an easy task, but you must do it if we are ever to use its waters again.

Fortune to you, <name>.

Provided:  [Winterhoof Cleansing Totem]


  • 55-550 XP

Quest Chain


  • The well is southeast of Bloodhoof Village. You should see a water well icon on the map. The well is guarded by Venture Company employees. You will need to kill off a few to get in close enough to use the totem.

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