BossWise Mari
Image of Wise Mari
Title <Waterspeaker>
Race Jinyu (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple of the Jade Serpent
Status Defeatable (WoW), Active (Lore)

Wise Mari is the first boss in the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Shortly before the sha eruption, Wise Mari accepted the help of the adventurers who found his staff that was lost because of sprites. The waters of the Temple of the Jade Serpent have been tainted by the Sha of Doubts influence, and the jinyu waterspeaker Wise Mari was tainted right along with them.[1] He was then killed by the same adventurers thus cleansing himself.

Wise Mari appears as a ghost on the Timeless Isle participating in the Celestial Tournament with Carpe Diem, River and Spirus.


Adventure Guide

The revered jinyu waterspeaker Wise Mari has found knowledge and foresight countless times in the Fountain of the Everseeing. But when the Sha of Doubt corrupted the familiar currents, Mari was overwhelmed with limitless distrust and suspicion.

Spells and Abilities

Phase 1: Still waters, Rise up!

Wise Mari shields himself and uses the corrupt waters of the fountain to assault players.

  • Spell shadow mindflay.png  Corrupted Waters Important — The fountain's corrupted water churns and bubbles, inflicting 902 to 998 Shadow damage every 0.3 seconds on any player standing in the water. 
  • Creatureportrait bubble.png  Water Bubble — Wise Mari creates a large water bubble around himself, making him immune to damage and knocking back players that touch the bubble. 
  • Spell shaman tidalwaves.png  Hydrolance — Wise Mari directs the fountain's corrupted waters to attack the players, inflicting 4180 to 4620 damage as it ripples, and 6270 to 6930 damage when it explodes. 
  • Spell frost summonwaterelemental 2.png  Call Water Important — Wise Mari summons a Corrupt Living Water from one of the four smaller fountains to attack the players. 
    • Corrupt Living Water — At Wise Mari's orders, the sha-corrupted waters of the fountain coalesce into a water elemental.Defeating a Corrupt Living Water causes it to split into three Corrupt Droplets. 
      • Corrupt Droplet — Smaller and weaker than the Corrupt Living Water, the Corrupt Droplets attack the players. 
      • Sha spell fire felfireward.png  Sha Residue — After the players defeat a Corrupt Living Water, a puddle of Sha Residue forms. The Sha Residue inflicts 2090 to 2310 Shadow damage every second to all players within in the puddle. 

Phase 2: Behold the power of torrential waters!

After the players defeat four Corrupt Living Waters, Wise Mari unleashes all of his remaining power.

  • Ability shaman fortifyingwaters.png  Bubble Burst — Wise Mari begins the stage by bursting his protective bubble, inflicting 3610 to 3990 Frost damage and knocking back all enemies within 10 yards. 
  • Spell frost summonwaterelemental.png  Wash Away Deadly — Wise Mari channels the power of the corrupted water, creating a rotating spout of water in front of him that inflicts 18810 to 20790 damage and knocks back all players. 


When you start the encounter, Mari will bubble himself and begin to corrupt the waters in the room. Be sure to not stand in any of the water. He will begin to summon Living Waters, which are simple adds that can be quickly tanked and killed. Although they do drop Sha Residue, like the trash before the boss, so trying to kill the adds away from the group is advised. Once you have killed four Living Waters, Mari will unshield himself and begin casting Hydrolance, which will cause him to slowly spin, dealing massive damage to anyone in front of him. Move around in a clockwise circle to avoid getting hit by Hydrolance, and begin DPSing him, being sure again to stand only on the dry sections of floor around him.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Treads of Corrupted Water]  [Treads of Corrupted Water] Caster leather boots
 [Waterburst Helm]  [Waterburst Helm] Caster mail helm
 [Riverbed Chestguard]  [Riverbed Chestguard] DPS plate chest
 [Wind-Soaked Drape] Agility cloak
 [Crystallized Droplet] Tank ring

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Fountain of the Everseeing

  • Something has disturbed the waters. They are normally so well-behaved.
  • Water is life. When the waters feel torment, then so shall we.
  • Little waters, if you would just stop moving so quickly, perhaps I could help you!
  • Do not fear, little ones. Come shadow or light, the waters will always flow.
  • I must speak to the waters to understand their turmoil.
  • Darkness comes. I can feel it within my bones.
  • I must speak to the waters to understand their turmoil.
  • Thanks to you, my work can now continue.

Temple of the Jade Serpent

The waters whisper to me. Enemies approach.
You dare to disturb these waters? You will drown!
Call Water
  • Spring to life!
  • Rise!
  • Living water, bring them death!
Phase 2
Behold the power of torrential waters!
Do not run - it only delays the inevitable!
Come in - the water's fine! *laughs*
Let death wash over you!
  • Do not run, it only delays the inevitable.
  • Come in, the water's fine! <laugh>
  • Let death wash over you.
Killing a player
  • As the waters foretold!
  • Your cause is hopeless!
The darkness clears...
I peer into these waters and my reflection is empty...
Waters... claim me...
Unused quote
Waters, rise up! Crush our enemies!


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