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Witchmatron Magora

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MobWitchmatron Magora
Image of Witchmatron Magora
Gender Female
Race Harpy (Humanoid)
Level 45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Deadwood
Location Broken Shore
Status Killable

Witchmatron Magora is a level 110 harpy located on Deadwood Landing in Broken Shore. She leads the Deadwood matriarchy of harpies.


  • Ability hunter murderofcrows.png  A Feast of Eyes — Birds of prey descend upon you, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.
  • Ability druid astralstorm.png  Vicious Storm — The harpy spins violently, inflicting 300 Shadow damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back.

Objective of

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Hotfix (2017-04-17): "Witchmatron Magora now respawns more frequently, uses more abilities, and is significantly sturdier."
  • Legion Patch 7.2.0 (2017-03-28): Added.

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