The Dry Hills.jpg
Dry Hills
Main leader IconSmall Harpy.gif Serena Bloodfeather
Race(s) Harpy Harpy
Base of operations Dry Hills
Theater of operations Northern Barrens

The Witchwing are a group of black-plumaged harpies found residing around the Dry Hills in the northern area of the Northern Barrens. They have been ravaging the Horde's caravan supplies.[1]

The lieutenants of their group, the Witchwing Slayers, are a nasty bunch, but they lead some of the underlings in that area. They stand out from the rest by wearing some rings.[2]

Their leader is the sister of a harpy named Bloodfeather, who was slain by Rexxar quite a while ago.[3] Apparently, their attacks on the Horde caravans are revenge for her sister's death.[4]

Some of them carry Blood Shards.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Harpy.gif Serena Bloodfeather Leader Killable Dry Hills, Barrens
NeutralIconSmall Harpy.gif Rathtalon Sister Killable Dry Hills, Barrens



The Witchwing harpies have some unique quotes when they are attacked:

  • Our matron craves the taste of your blood!
  • Serena Bloodfeather will rip out your eyes and feast upon your heart!
  • Rexxar's ally! Murderer!
  • My talons will slice you to shreds, invader!