MobWitherbark Village
Witherbark Village BfA.jpg
Type Village
Leader(s)  Zalas Witherbark
  Formerly  Ojin'ba †
Race(s) Forest trollForest troll Forest troll
Affiliation(s) Witherbark tribe
Location Southeastern Arathi Highlands
Status Active

Witherbark Village is a village, around a small lake in the southeast area of the Arathi Highlands, of trolls belonging to the Witherbark tribe. Behind the village is a large cavern, where the leaders of the tribe are often found.

The Witherbark trolls have made a loose alliance with the nearby Boulderfist clan of ogres against the forces of Stromgarde and Hammerfall. The ogre and troll forces have even secured and are currently in control of a section of Stromgarde itself.

By the time of the Battle for Stromgarde, the Witherbark trolls still remained active in this area and were the target of the Alliance and the Horde who wished to see them disappear.[1] Among them, Nimar the Slayer was a priority target for his dangerousness,[2] taking many fighters with him in death.[3]

The village before Battle for Azeroth.


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