The Withering Gulch

The dead fields that make up most of the gulch

The Withering Gulch[53.8, 69.4] is located in southeastern Vol'dun, east of Atul'Aman and northeast of Zul'Ahjin. Despite the name, only the northern part of the subzone consists of a gulch, with the rest of the area instead being taken up by dried-up and abandoned troll farmland. The fields are infested with thistlevine lashers that have become aggressive due to a lack of water.[1] The vulpera Ranah is attempting to restore life to the gulch by repairing its ancient fountains.[2]


In the gulch itself during the main storyline


  • H [30-50] We Can Salvage the Seeds refers to the area as the Withering Terrace, which may have been an early beta name.


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